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Saturday, July 24, 2021

Habitat for Humanity Restore, Ohio

Searching for where to purchase items for your home and DIY projects?  We suggest the Restore for your DIY needs.  

Fairfield County Habitat for Humanity Restore sourced from Google Maps

A friend of mine was recently searching for a new medicine cabinet. She indicated she did not want a mirror hanging above her vanity since she thought it was a waste of space. She asked me where to search for a new medicine cabinet. 

She’s been in her home for many, many years and wanted something fresh. My friend stated she had been everywhere! She was tired of seeing the same old thing everywhere she looked.  I suggested Habitat for Humanity Restore since she had been everywhere else.

My first experience walking into a Habitat Humanity Restore was visiting a friend in North Carolina. The store was a very large warehouse and filled to the gills with anything and everything. I was in awe… hardware for cabinets, cabinets themselves, sinks, vanities… the list went on and on.  All, the wonderful building materials you could imagine for a fraction of the price elsewhere. 

Brand new children's silverware purchased from Restore for $5.00

If you are looking for something for your home and trying to stay within a certain time period, I would suggest trying a Habitat for Humanity Restore before searching a salvage shop. Don’t get me wrong, I love salvage shops, but they know you are there for a reason. Their prices are much higher than shopping the Restore.  Plus, you are supporting an organization that helps others.  Sounds like a win, win to me.  

I’ve seen pink sinks, and blue sinks… and tile removed from older homes… I’ve purchased pads for the bottom of our dining room chairs brand new in packaging for $.25 per chair. That’s all four pads for each leg for a quarter! How amazing is that? I’ve purchased matching metal planters for $.50 a piece (shown below). Are you getting excited and loving the idea of what all you can accomplish on a small budget by making a quick trip to the Restore?

Metal planter purchased from Restore for $.50 a piece

You never know what you will find at the Restore… which can be wonderful and frustrating at the same time. It’s been my experience to walk in with an open mind and not really have a list per say. They have brand new items and salvaged items that have been donated. 

It’s like a smorgasbord of home materials. There is a very large Restore located in Columbus, Ohio. When we’ve visited this store in the past, they would have entire sets of matching kitchen cabinets available. They also sometimes have photos sent to them from other customers who have installed or created items from their purchases at the Restore. It’s definitely a unique place to visit if you are searching for ideas. 

Photo sourced from MidOhio FB's page

We were amazed by some of the kitchens that were created with the cabinets purchased here. Sometimes the customers would provide a story with their pictures. They would share how they collected until they had what they needed for their kitchen renovation. Of course, these are the things that inspire me and make me want to work with salvaged materials.

Feeling like I’m a part of a community and my part no matter how small always made me feel good when I walked out of their store with purchase in hand. I’m sure most are aware what Habitat for Humanity does, but in case you are not familiar with their good deeds… they are a global organization who believes everyone should have decent housing.  

They build and also help improve homes and neighborhoods helping individuals have an affordable home mortgage.  The Restore's purchases help fund this mission, did you know they work in 70 countries?  I was not aware of how wide spread their organization was.  


Wondering what you can find at your local Habitat for Humanity Restore?  I popped over to Fairfield County's Restore's Facebook page and thought I would share with you what is available so you have an idea of what you can find.  Look at this gorgeous dresser!

Photos sourced from Fairfield County's Habitat for Humanity's Facebook page.

I think I am in love!  Do you see the glass knobs too?  It is priced at $200.  Below is another picture taken of the name brand of this piece.  

How about this beautiful antique wardrobe?  I am crushing on this piece!  The age alone had me pretty excited.

It is priced at $300.  I know shopping at an antique shop you would pay more for both of these pieces.  The thing about the Restore is, if you see something on their Facebook page, do not hesitate in making a quick stop in.  Things do not last long.  It may be there one minute, and gone the next!

They have brand new carpet square for $.50 a piece... that is a steal, and you can do so many different projects with them.  When I was growing up, we had a family member who purchased a home and had a very small budget.  

It was her first home, and she was newly married.  They carpeted their attic space in different colored carpet squares.  It was a neat attic, more like a play room when they had children, but I was quite fond of their attic.  Funny it still sticks out to me all these years later.  The carpet squares brought that memory back, I would have described the attic space as a whimsical room now.

Look at all of those dressers!  That first one looks like a good project piece.  I can see it as an apothecary cabinet.  If you have not seen this done, I suggest checking out how others around the web have made these sorts of dressers over.  You will be amazed! 

They did not list a price on this dining room table and matching hutch, but if you are searching for some formal pieces, you can find them here.  

Hey look!  I see a medicine cabinet above this vanity.  Look at all of the vanities in a row!  Judging by the photos, I would venture to say all wood too, not like the pieces made today.

Searching for sinks?  They have them in spades...  are you getting the itch to visit a Restore?  I think I have judging by the stock they currently have.  You can visit their Facebook page to see what they have available before making the trip, but like I said, things are there one minute and gone the next.  

Something I learned in writing this post is there are 10 Restore's in Ohio.  I think I will add this to my bucket list to visit all 10 stores!  Then maybe I can expand my list to other states!  Hmm... road trips in my future?  I hope so!  I also hope I was able to inspire you to get out there and get those projects started you have in mind.  Enjoy your weekend!  

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  1. I've never been to the restore. I hear there's one about an hour or so from my home. I've always wanted to check it out, but I tend to go to smaller thrift shops nearby.

    1. We love the one in Columbus, Ohio! They have everything and so much of it. We especially love the photos they post around the store with what their customers have been able to achieve with finds from their store. It is very inspiring!