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Friday, July 16, 2021

Peanut's protective behaviors

Looking for ornery stories about a pup?  You will definitely find many a story about this German Shepherd Beagle pup who is too smart for his own good.  

Doing a shake with my ears 

My little peanut has been so good lately.  He is of course still ornery and rotten to the core, but we would not have him any other way.  When he was a puppy, my mom commented it was like he had a devil on one shoulder telling him to be bad, and an angel on the other shoulder telling him to be good.  We often thought he was conflicted with how he should act. 

Back then, which side do you think won out?  Yep, the little devil and he had zero remorse for his actions!  I have recently noticed a change in him.  If he does something and I scold him for it, he does an almost wince like oh crap, yep, you told me not to do that anymore, but I forgot MOM... SORRY... 

The fact he is recognizing good and bad behavior is amazing to me.  He has come so far!  Trust me, there were some days when I thought oh my goodness, and I would fret because I never thought there would be an end in sight.  The bad behaviors kept mounting and they were not small infractions either.   

I have had dogs my entire life, minus a few months stint where I did not think it was emotionally possible for me to have another, but here we are... the really bad days, I often wondered if I would need to surrender him.  Yes, it really was that bad with his behaviors and I have never given up on a pup, E-V-E-R...  I am so happy I did not with him, because he makes our life complete, really he does!    

Doesn't he look so handsome with his stars collar on?

Now?  He is just ornery.  He is not biting anymore which was major headway for us.  It was scary a little pup like he was wanting to bite and lash out the way he did, at every little thing.  Thinking back, I honestly think he thought he had to defend himself here.  I feel terribly for him knowing he must have been in a bad situation before he came home to live with us.  So much anger packed into this little guy breaks my heart for him just thinking about it.

See his back to the couch?

Do you know when we met the woman we got him from, she put him on the ground and called him.  He looked at her and was like heck no, I am going over to this lady.  That right there sealed the deal for me and when I scooped him up into my arms, I just knew he knew he was coming home with us.  I think he thought to himself, ummm... people, I am going to try my chances with this woman, you can be my new mommy.  You other lady can kiss off... because in my mind it literally went that way... 

If he went through what we imagine, then I am so happy Mr. Vintage pushed me to go through with meeting him one evening in February 2019.  We were not even prepared... we had to go and get a crate that night, and food, and toys, and cuddly things for him too.  We have learned a lot with this little trouble maker.

Roly poly puppy

I thought I was very knowledgeable about dogs, but I have learned so much more!  He has kept us on our toes, and I am always reading whatever I can get my mitts on about Beagles and German Shepherds.  Only having Labs my entire life, I was not prepared for this stubborn peanut and all of his idiosyncrasies. 

Sporting his black and white plaid collar 

Once he focuses on something, you will not deter his path which I guess Beagles are known for.  He is a very smart pup, and I am telling you, he understands everything we say, and I mean everything!  He knows when I am on the phone with his grandma, sometimes he decides to pipe up and say hello.  Yes, we are those weird individuals who call her grandma for a pup, and she talks to him. Do you know when she does this, he talks right back to her!  We all get a good chuckle out of it.  Secretly, I think he makes her day.

He knows when I am on the phone with his daddy, and he knows when I end the call with love you, bye that Mr. Vintage is here in the driveway and wants me to open the door because his hands are full.  He runs to the door to beat me and jumps up on his hind legs and tries to walk on two legs.  He always amazes me with his new tricks and how much he seems to know about everything.

Sticking my booty up in the air while I play

When he was a small pup, he would not leave his back open or unguarded.  He would lay with his back to the wall, and face out to the room so no one could sneak up behind him.  He still does this, but he puts his back to us now.  When he sleeps in bed with us, his back is to us, and he faces out in the bedroom towards the door.  He is always ready for anything that may arise.

We have had instances here when he thought hubby was hurting me and has bit him.  One evening we wanted to see what his reaction was when I said help, help, he came running, jumped on hubby and bit him then too.  

Then there was another time when I said go bite your dad for that comment he just made, and do you know he did it!  Yep, he is a momma's boy, that is for sure.  We never know what he will do or how he will react.  He is my little protector and follows me everywhere I go.  We are so lucky he chose us to be his parents.

When we walk through the house, he anticipates my every move and makes sure he enters a room before me, and gets to the top or bottom of the steps before I do.  He makes sure there is no danger before I get to wherever we are going.  It makes me laugh when he watches me from the corner of his eye... he watches which way I lean when we get to the hallway where we could go in four different directions.  Once he knows the path, he is on it!    

Pup wearing a bow tie

Do you know he is not happy when we remove his bow tie collar?  He must wear it at all times... or he will do a sneak attack until you put it back on.  He loves to wear them, probably because we tell him how handsome he looks.  

He gets all the attention when we take him through the drive thru at the bank, always getting treats for his good behavior.  Unless he is being bad and we think they give them to us to get rid of as quickly as they can.  He can tend to bark when he sees something, like I said before, there is no redirecting this pup.  He does what he pleases when he pleases.  Good thing he is so darn cute!   

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