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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Tips on how to store bows

Searching for how to store holiday bows?  We have a unique twist on how we store our holidays bows.

I bet you are wondering why I have a tennis racket in my closet hanging on the door.  Well, to store our holiday bows of course!  I am apparently all about storage this week.  

We have gotten pretty inventive over the years living in a cozy cottage on how to store items around our home.  Of course the tennis racket came from Mr. Vintage's childhood home, I am telling you, it's like taking a step back in time.  

There are several items I am excited to share with you once we get organized... you know, when I find them... our basement may be on a hoarders episode one day soon.  We packed everything in storage totes since it makes carrying them easier and you do not need to worry about the bottom of your box falling through.   

Oh yeah, back to the tennis racket... I had a vision of finding another tennis racket and hanging the pair on the wall in the basement since he is a sports fanatic.  You have no idea... if we had all day to complain discuss it then I could tell you how sports is on the telly umm, like everyday!  

We have not located a second racket so I hung it inside the closet door hoping the other one would surface on one of our trips packing up our totes full of vintage greatness.  You can see I have hung some Christmas decor on the door as well.

The Merry Christmas ornament graces our front door one way or other every year.  I found it at the dollar store several years ago and have found ways to make it over every year.  I also hang the Santa on our backdoor because I love it when Santa greets me when I come in and out the door for the holidays.  I mean, don't you love Santa greeting you everyday too?  I cannot think of a more jolly guy to say hello to.  Yep, and there is that quirky personality making an appearance.  😉

I was taking down our 4th of July bows and wondered where I was going to store them.  I opened the closet door and thought the perfect place was on the tennis racket.  Why not?  They will stay fluffy here since they will not get smashed being stored under other items in the closet or attic. 

bows stored by tying them to a tennis racket

I mean, if you saw my attic, you would completely understand!  You may fall over... it is packed to the gills!  I do not think another thing can fit.  Yep, like I mentioned yesterday when we talked about the golf bag, winter is coming fast and we will be figuring out what is staying and what is going...  

This really did seem like the perfect place to store them.  Now when we get our winter coats out, we get a little holiday cheer each time.  LOL.  We all know how I love surprises in the closets, like the chandelier we made for our wallpapered bedroom closet, or our bathroom closet where you will also see surprises.  

The bows came with twisty ties like what you use to wrap around your garbage bags.  I simply wrapped the twisty ties around the racket handle, it really cannot get any easier than this!

What do you think?  Do you like to get double duty from your storage like we do?  Coming up with unique ways to store items around our cottage is kind of our thing, we both have quirky personalities so it fits.  You cannot ever say if you come for a visit you will see all sorts of surprises if you snoop in our medicine cabinets or closets, yep there is a story hidden in the medicine cabinet post!  

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