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Thursday, August 5, 2021

Mansions in Rhode Island

Searching for mansions in Rhode Island?  We have some pictures of our travels and mansions in Rhode Island to share with you today. 

Do you enjoy looking at mansions as much as we do?  Have you ever been to Rhode Island, and if so, have you driven around Newport, Rhode Island looking at the mansions?

Along the upper east coast is our most favorite place to vacation.  We love the area, it is peaceful, quiet, and there is quite a bit to do.  The scenery is enough and then there is everything else you can do while visiting.  

Being surrounded by beauty everywhere you look spoiled me.  It was rough when I had to return to reality, and back to Ohio after each visit.  There is shopping, mansion tours, just driving along the coast and breathing in that fresh ocean air, letting the wind whip through your hair, just finding peace during our stay.

If you are a fan of tourist shops, there are plenty in Newport.  I was in my element walking around, scooping up those fun touristy items for sale.  Oh yes, I am one of those who loves the I heart Rhode Island junkies.  

I think my love of junk shops began when I was four years old visiting Myrtle Beach for the first time.  The bright neon lights of the shop signs, all of the key chains and junk gadgets with South Carolina on so many items.

From that point on, I was hooked!  Whenever we went on vacation I was in search of the perfect souvenir from our vacation.  Sometimes I would pass on items and then regret it later... I chuckle to myself thinking about my love our tourist shops. 

After my trip down memory lane, I will get to the good stuff, the mansions.  

We have some pictures of mansions we took while vacationing in the Newport area and along the east coast during our last trip.  We really cannot wait to get back there soon.  This past year has been kind of a downer with not being able to travel much, but we are so looking forward to getting back at it!    

We drove down Ocean Drive in Newport, Rhode Island and just took it all in.  Here is a home across the shore we photographed.  I am a fan of Mansard roofs so that is what drew me into taking a photograph of this home.  

There are so many mansions in the area, new and old.  Of course, the older mansions are my favorite.  I would have loved to tour each and every one of them, curious gal that I am. 

Another mansion along Ocean Drive... more of a colonial style.  Can you tell we were driving up the hill as I snapped this shot?  Oh yes, I was snapping pics as we were driving making sure I had pictures of homes along the way.

Sometimes I open my Google Photos and just reminiscence the trips we have taken to this area.  I am always on the look out for a project no matter how big or small to do with our own home.     

Do you know we could write an entire post about the fences and gates in Newport, Rhode Island?  We were quite fascinated with the architecture and the details put into these properties.  

Actually, you know what?  We will share our many photos with you very soon of just that.  Mind made up, we're doing it!  

We were unsure of the age of this home, but it appears to be older.  Do you love turrets on homes?  We do too, there is just something about a home that resembles a castle.  We were curious what this home's interior looked like...  too bad we could not have a peek inside.

That's ok, I have quite the imagination and can think up the interior on my own.  I see three turrets from this point of view.  Look at all of the chimneys, ahh... I can see hard wood floors in a living room with plush large area rugs, a roaring fire... do you see it too?    

There are many newer homes in Newport.  Can you imagine waking up to this view every morning?  Yeah, we would be in heaven with this view too!  

We have discussed it in this household, we do not need a large home, just a view as this would suffice.  Wishful thinking on our part, huh? Maybe some day... when we retire and decide this home is not where we want to spend our golden years.  

We were in love with Marble House.  This was a home built during the Gilded Age, do you see all of that attention to detail?  Marble House was built for Mr. and Mrs. William Vanderbilt.  

Would you believe me if I told you this home was their "summer cottage".  I think their definition of summer cottage and mine are two totally different things!  

You can tour this home while visiting the area.  Mr. Vintage was ill the day we visited here so we were only able to take photos of the outside.  I have seen enough photos of the inside online so I was not disappointed in not being able to tour the home.  

There was plenty more for us to see... homes, shopping, architecture galore... you will not be disappointed if you love these things like we do.

Do you not find the carved marble faces intriguing?  I believe the gutters dump rain water from their mouths, but could not find anything to substantiate my thoughts.  Do you see the railing on the porch?  The large pillars?  The large decorative doors leading inside?  All of the carved detail throughout the front of this home?  Are you not in awe? I know I was when I saw this in person.

Do you know when this home was built, there was $7 million worth of marble brought in to build it?  The home cost $11 million in the late 1800's.  Imagine the cost to replicate this home now, unattainable I would imagine!  

I loved the bronze decorative lights too, these lights are all along the streets in the area.  There is even a salvage shop we visited that sells the lights that have been removed from homes and estates like this.  We were in heaven walking around Aardvark Antiques.  

There was a large fountain there that probably would have taken up our entire front yard!  I was giddy like a school girl walking around in wonder... wondering what homes these items came from... and what they looked like on the inside.  I can get lost in thought for some time thinking about our adventures and what all we were able to see. 

What do you think about this small glimpse into mansions of Rhode Island?  We will share with you the gates and walls along the estates of these homes.  I hope you are as amazed as we were.  Definitely inspiring to me... and I get some of my best ideas looking at homes like this to figure out projects while staying on my small budget.  I do love a challenge.    

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