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Friday, August 6, 2021

Travel in Rhode Island

Searching for travel in Rhode Island?  We have suggestions for you where to travel in Rhode Island and where we have stayed too.

I received questions about the Newport, Rhode Island area after our mansion post this week.  We do have two favorite places to stay when in Rhode Island.  

We have stayed at the Biltmore located in Providence, and The Break located in Narragansett.  

Depending on what sort of vibe you enjoy will depend on which place we recommend staying.  If you are looking for low key, not a lot of action, then we recommend The Break Hotel.  If you are into city life and want to see the hustle bustle, then we recommend The Biltmore.

Photo sourced from The Break Hotel

The Break Hotel is a boutique hotel, it is very quiet and just a very calming atmosphere.  Each floor has a complimentary ice machine and soda machine out in the hallway and chocolate chip cookies are available in a covered case.  With new guidelines, I am not sure if this has changed or not, but was a nice touch to our stay.  

Lobby in The Break Hotel, sourced from their site

Breakfast is served every morning in their lounge area on the first floor and is also complimentary.  That lobby pic sure brings back some good memories.

Their menu is a more farm to table breakfast assortment.  We really enjoyed everything we had for breakfast during our stay and sat at a table made from a surf board one morning.  How fun, huh?  

There is a small pool which we did not take advantage of, there was just too much for us to see everywhere else.  

The Break Hotel also has a roof top restaurant which was not something we were interested in since we wanted to sample the local hot spots.  

They used to have a roof top camera on their website and when we were feeling nostalgic, we would visit their site and watch the waves roll in from home.  We did this a lot last year, I noticed the camera is no longer working on their site, darn it.    

What to do in Narragansett?  Well there are The Towers to see.  I was in love with the architecture of course.  The ocean is just to the right, literally, right there!    

You can eat at The Coast Guard.  The atmosphere is quite lovely and their food?  We were impressed and thought it was delicious, loving every bite!  You can choose to sit outside in Adirondack chairs and watch the waves lap along the rocks or sit inside.  

On this particular evening we visited, it was kind of chilly so we opted for indoor seating.  The photos below were taken from our seats in the restaurant.  You are quite close to the ocean as you can see here.

If shopping is your thing and you like TJ Maxx, they have one in Narragansett and it was the best one we have visited ever!  If you are anything like Mr. Vintage you may be thinking why are they visiting one while on vacation, they can go shopping there any time.  

Well... I went and I was hooked!  There were items you will not see at a TJ Maxx in our area!  We went shopping when everything else was closed, so I did not feel so bad.

You can visit Aunt Carrie's that has been featured on Guy Fieri's Diners, Drive-In's, and Dives.  We typically take vacation in the fall so we can see the changing of the leaves, so they were closed when we snapped these photos.  

You can drive across bridges...

I loved this photo when I snapped it right away.  As you know, black and white's are my favorite too!  

Then there are always more mansions to see too!

Photo sourced from Graduate Providence  which changed since our stay here, it was formally known as The Biltmore.  Things change with new management, I see the interior of the hotel has changed as well.  Personally, I loved the older look and am not so much a fan of the newer interior changes. 

I was a bit disappointed, I was not able to locate my pictures of when we stayed at The Biltmore so I am relying on their site photos to give you an idea about staying here.  This trip was just my sister and I at the time.  

Downtown Providence?  Not my cup of tea when it comes to traffic, it is hectic.  This was the first place I have ever driven where six intersections merge into one and that was confusing to me.  I was so overwhelmed not knowing the area and just wanted to get to our room, ready to relax. I let the valet park my car and decided I could care less where it was parked after the fiasco of me driving in downtown Providence.  

Our room was upgraded when we stayed at The Biltmore.  We arrived and sat in the lobby with our luggage since I was beat after driving. We sat in the lobby, and sat there, and sat there... we were just taking in the lobby area and enjoying the scene and chit chat between the two of us.  The front desk asked if we were still waiting for our room and we replied yes, we were.  He indicated that was unacceptable and upgraded our room to a suite with two king beds!  

Our room had a separate living area, bedroom, and the bath and luggage storage area was down the hallway.  The beds?  I slept like a baby during our stay!  It was very luxurious...

Do you recall me saying the driving was not my favorite part?  We ate at the hotel restaurant, McCormick & Schmick's so I did not have to drive.  The food was wonderful and the atmosphere was fabulous.  We even spoiled ourselves by opting for dessert that evening which I never do.  Despite the busy streets outside, it was nice to have a place to sit down and share good conversation with my sister.   

You can walk everywhere if you decide to stay in this area.  There is a Dunkin Donuts on almost every corner and their corporate office is also a large draw.  We overheard many conversations of people around us taking the tour of their office and were very excited about it.  We walked until we couldn't anymore, but it was a lot of fun and the plus for me?  No driving!  

There was a mall within walking distance and we shopped because us gals, we enjoy that sort of thing.  It was a lot to take in, but I would recommend at least staying a night in the city just to experience it.  There is a lot to see and do. 

We visited Jamestown on this trip and you will see a lighthouse if you visit.  Here are some pictures of Jamestown, Rhode Island.  This area is a very peaceful place, a lot of people practice yoga right by the ocean.  We wondered how this lady was able to get out on this rock.  

She looks a lot closer in the photo than she really is.  She was doing yoga out on the rocks like it was nothing.  This is right around the loop from Beavertail Lighthouse.  If we did not want to cram as much as we could into our trip, we would have chosen to stay here longer.  

When my sister and I went together, there was no planning to our trip, we just drove and stopped off wherever and whenever we felt like it.  Mr. Vintage likes more structure, us?  We fly by the seat of our pants!  

We just sat and enjoyed a few hours in Jamestown listening to the waves hit the rocks, watching people go about their day, and exploring a little on foot around the lighthouse  We found Jamestown to be very peaceful and quite beautiful.  

Whenever we have driven through Jamestown, there are always a massive amount of sailboats on the water.  

Believe it or not, the upper east coast is pretty compact and you can get around easily.  You can drive from Boston, Massachusetts to Narragansett, Rhode Island in an hour and a half.  

Boston was not my cup of tea with traffic either.  Mr. Vintage was on this trip and I think even he was a bit uptight driving through.  I like the small town feel and less people, but it did not stop us from exploring a bit.  

Well, what do you think about making your own adventures in this area?  Do you think it is a place you would enjoy visiting?  We highly recommend it.  There is something for everyone, whether you enjoy low key or a fast pace, you will find it here.  

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