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Saturday, August 21, 2021

Temper tantrums

Oh what a week it has been with our pup.  He has been ornery and full of unsuspecting surprises, along with temper tantrums.  

Over the weekend I came across another bowling ball... yes, seriously, we did!  We have so many and I cannot wait to have the time to work on my newest idea, but this peanut?  

He was certain the bowling ball was his!  Do you know he wrapped his paw around it so we could not take it away from him and barked and growled about it?  

He threw a fit!

He does this growl when he plays, it is kind of comical.  If you recall, I thought he was mean when he was a pup, but then we found this is his way of playing.

Well, he decided no one was getting in the way of him and his new friend, the bowling ball!  When that arm popped out and wrapped around the ball, I laughed out loud so loudly! 

It surprised us both!  We did not know what to think about it.  He looked at us both and was like PARENTS!  Look here, you cannot have this back!  IT IS MINE!

He even nosed it around the room and kept it away from us.  He made sure to keep his body between us and the ball at all times.  

I am not even sure what made him do this or why he decided it was his?  He has never taken possession of something that was not initially his.  We had to wait for him to go outside and then remove the ball.

When he came back in, he looked high and low for it.  Then the pout started... he does not let go of anything easily.  My grandfather would have said, they broke the mold when they made him.  

The kid who brightens all of our days and nights and life in general.  I am not sure we could handle another one like him, but we sure are glad he is here with us.  

Did you know when he gets a treat, he shows his teeth to his treat, throws it down on the floor and then roll his entire body from head to toe all over his treats.  We laugh now, but it was kind of disturbing to us in the beginning.

This kid has more personality than we knew possible, and smart... so smart!

There are commercials he knows what will happen or when they are on.  He could be down the hall begging for food in the kitchen and he hears a certain sound on tv...

He stops what he is doing, runs down the hall and barks at the pups on tv.  The Gain commercial where you hear the gentleman say mi towel, su towel?  

Yep, he comes running to the tv to bark at the hound dog.  It makes us laugh every time.  The jingle of that pup's tags gets him every single time.  

Every commercial with a dog in it makes him come running, bark at the tv and not stop until it ends.

We have asked him if he wants a brother, he barks... we have not decided if that is a yes or no yet.  I tend to think he will be an only child since he does not like to share.

Sharing his mom?  He likes that even less... even with Mr. VS...  he does not like to share me.

Sharing toys is not exactly his forte either.  Mr. VS likes to play rough with peanut.  He will pick up one of his toys and peanut here will jump up and try his darndest to get it away.   

Once he gets the toy back and you decide to pick up another?  Yep, same thing all over again.  You cannot touch HIS toys... he will drop whatever one he is playing with to get the most current one from you.

It is a game we play pretty often around here... 

And just when we think he is getting older and growing up, we have a mishap...

As I was getting this post ready last night, I heard him run upstairs.  Then come running back down the stairs.  He went out in the kitchen, only I forgot I left the dining room door open.

I got up since the house was way too quiet... I went out in the kitchen, no peanut.  Then I notice the dining room door open.

I walked out to the dining room, I did not see him so I flipped on the light.  Once the light was turned on, he went running and I heard the ruffling noise of plastic.

I yelled down the hall that I needed help.  He somehow, somewhere found bubble wrap and was biting down on it and popping the bubbles.

Peanut dives under the dining room table, I am down on all fours trying to crawl under the table, Mr. VS comes trotting down the hall... and this stinker?  He begins with the growling and says nope, not sharing this new awesome toy!

I keep army crawling, he is running and diving in and out from under the table.  He drops the bubble wrap, and decides he is going to tell Mr. VS no, when he turned his head, I grabbed it, very quickly, shot up and said got it!

Again, he was ticked his new popping toy was taken.  At least we never have to worry about things getting dull around here, but wow, am I ever feeling too old to be crawling around on the floor up under the dining room table and bench.  

I was afraid one of us would lose a limb since he was adamant he would not let this one go.

Here's to not losing limbs on a Friday night, and a very welcome Saturday morning.  Enjoy your weekend!       

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  1. So funny!! Your pup certainly keeps things interesting. I think animals breathe so much life into a home. I miss ours...

    1. Oh Kim, he is the most unique pup I have ever had. I have had dogs my entire life, but he takes the cake! We love that he is always busy doing something around here!