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Friday, August 13, 2021

OH NO, Say Goodbye Mr. Bill

If you are searching for a pup who has the biggest personality and makes us laugh until we cry, then you are in for a real treat with this peanut. 

So after Mr. Bill made his appearance last week, he had to go away for a bit.  Off on vacation out of state, he mentioned something about wanting to be near the ocean... perhaps Maine was mentioned.  

Of course, this has caused one depressed pup around the cottage.  We tried to only bring out Mr. Bill in the evenings so he had something to look forward to every night.  Evenings were not enough and he was TICKED when Mr. Bill had to take a nap for the night and into the next day.

No one was getting sleep when Mr. Bill had to stay at Motel 6 for the night.  Then peanut became a bit agitated when Mr. Bill would come and go as he pleased.

He thought Mr. Bill should be by his side, available to have his head or limbs chewed off at any time...

Unfortunately, Mr. Bill, nor his parents agreed with this decision and decided it may be best if Mr. Bill took a very long break... or moved away forever.

Do you know this caused our little mischievous peanut to go into a state of depression?  Yes, it happens... and to our kid apparently.  

Usually, he never leaves my side.  Lately, he comes and goes as he pleases, and a lot of sighs have been expressed very loudly might I add around here.

Do you even know this kid decided he was independent and began sleeping in the spare bedroom alone with a queen sized bed all to himself?


He took up sleeping alone... not a peanut behavior we were used to.  He doesn't typically like to be alone.  He is a pack member, me being the alpha in his eyes, he follows me everywhere I go.

I started to get worried and think he may be ill... so a few internet searches later drove me to believe he is depressed.

The only thing I could think of that would cause this?  Mr. Bill flying the coop!  

If we take a toy away, you had better be prepared when you do it for a fight.  So, whenever a toy is taken, you find the closest place to hide it.  Just so happens Mr. Bill ended up in the bathroom in a cabinet.

Peanut started going into the bathroom and walking around or laying beside said cabinet.  Again, not regular peanut behavior... then it all began to click for me and I knew what was up.

Mr. Bill will need to stay where he is at until we can see if he can be trusted not to chew limbs off.  Honestly, I would prefer Mr. Bill fly to space, never to return, but some peanut here thinks he is his BFF.

Kind of hard for a dog mom when you know what makes the baby happy and yet he cannot have it since I am afraid he will eat him and either get very sick or die.  Makes me very sad I cannot give him the one thing he wants most, Mr. Bill of course!

So I decided on a different approach and decided a new toy was in order.  He does enjoy puzzle balls and has even shown interest in puzzles for a minute or two.  You can hide food in the slots under a piece that slides, you get the idea, right?  If not, click the link below.  

The puzzle boards were too easy for him and he was not impressed after he played with it a few times.

The puzzle balls on the other hand made him run around the house pushing the ball around and getting treats to come out of it.  He likes this and it keeps him active and out of trouble.  

It can get somewhat distracting when he is running around with the ball, but at least he is happy and that makes us happy.

The new puzzle ball?  His food is on the smaller side so it came out quite easily.  When I first gave him the ball, he looked at me like yeah, what am I supposed to do with this?  

You going to take this away too MOM?

He just laid with it like he wanted to test me, are you going to try to take it, or is it really MINE, ALL MINE?

I walked away and he just laid there... when I came back in the room like I may be interested in the ball, he decided then and there to claim it as his.

Peanut took both paws around that Saturn looking ball and said nope, this is mine mom.  Hands off, then he began running around and getting the food to release from his ball.  

In no time at all, he had the ball emptied.  What was his next step?  Wrap his leg around it and lay on the sofa beside me as I decided to share this latest development with y'all.  

He eventually dozed off, but his grip on the ball did not let up.

Then Daddy came home and he wanted to show off his new toy.  Typical peanut fashion would be to run and jump in his arms.  Tonight?  Nope!

He picked up his toy went running and waited for him to come around the corner.  Just when he knew his dad saw him with the new toy, he went running.

You can't catch me and you cannot have MY toy!  Mr. Vintage yells for him to come and show him, he stopped, turned around and was like no, not even no dad, HECK NO!  

Then he went running and when Mr. Vintage continued to follow him, he decided I'm taking this toy on the run all the way upstairs.  He obviously thinks we will take his toys away from him now.  

Mr. Vintage finally got the ball and he looked at him like seriously?  You really thinking you're gonna take my new toy, I do not think so, he jumped up and grabbed it and ran away again.

I think he may like it, but I think we have a long road ahead of us in him forgetting Mr. Bill.  Darn it.  We are hoping his doldrums end soon and he is back to normal.

A step in the right direction, he slept in bed with us last night so that is something.  We will see how far he decides to take this matter of the disappearance of Mr. Bill.  Hopefully it gets better with time.

If not, we may need to go for counseling.  Doggie counseling... 

I never thought a pup could have such a LARGE personality, but him?  He has it in spades.  We never know what he will come up with next.  

Good thing he is cute and slowly warming back up to his Mama.   

Have a happy Friday, and we welcome the weekend with both arms, wide open! 

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