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Friday, August 20, 2021

Light switch covers unique

Searching for light switch covers unique?  We have a unique fix that we came up with for an issue with our light switch covers.  

Do you ever have those laugh out loud moments about your home?  You have an issue and you come up with the most peculiar way to "fix" the issue?  I am using the term fix loosely around here... 

I have one to share with you... 

When we purchased our home, all of the electrical socket covers and light switch plates were plastic and covered in coordinating wallpaper of course, why would we have anything else?

It's like camo for your light covers!  Now you see them, now you don't!  Do you see them above?  Every room in our home was like this.    

Me, being me... said those have to go immediately!  Off to the hardware store I went purchasing all new covers.  Only, I was totally not prepared for the cost of an entire home's new switch plate and electrical socket covers.  Do you know how expensive they are to replace?

Let's just say I set aside so much money every week until I had them all replaced.  I was very adamant the old ones were not going back up and I did not want plastic covers either.  I get these ideas in my head and nothing other than than what I see in my mind is going to work. 

I began collecting the brass rose pattern switch plate covers for our living room, dining room, and hallways.  They reminded me of home... no matter where you live, I think home is home... 

I still call my mom's house, home... do you do this?  For me, where I grew up I think will always be home... no matter how long I live here at the cottage.  

When it came to replace the dining room light cover, I only had one option.  A plate with a rectangle cut out, I believe they call it a rock cut out plate.  

This was not going to work for our knob that is supposed to lighten and darken the room when you turn the dial.  When we purchased our home, it worked, but then a contractor came through and "did their magic" from that point forward, it no longer dimmed or brightened.  It is just light, nothing fancy pants about it.  

When I figured out I was not going to be able to find the piece I needed, I went ahead and purchased the incorrect cover knowing it was not the right choice, but there were no other options.  This gal needed to complete her look... it's like you do not even know me at all if you thought I would leave it as is or worse yet, nothing there at all!

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.  I decided to cut out a piece of scrap book paper that coordinated with our paint color and create an almost frame out of the cover!  I will not be deterred from a vision once it is set in motion.       

Here is where you have that laugh out loud moment.  I never tire of trying to figure out our unique situations around our cottage... I smile to myself every time I pass the light switch because no one will have another just like it, that is for sure!

Do you put bits of corny in your home too?  I love corny... I feel like it is bits of Mr. VS and I all rolled into our home.  Do you march to the beat of a different drum like we do?  Or are you a rule follower?  Or do you throw caution to the wind and say what the heck?

I cannot honestly say we follow many rules around here.  We just know what we like and make it happen.  I still look at our backsplash and laugh, but at the same time, it still makes me smile everyday too.

I think of decorating like abstract art, there are no rules!  Let your hair down, get crazy with it, be yourself, and most of all, have fun in your home.  It's the one place we get to truly be ourselves, and I think that is very important for all of us.   

As you can see, the holes do not match up since this socket cover is not meant for this sort of light switch.  I also needed a longer screw in order to get this cover to work here.  I was going to fix it, but then my motto?  Keep it real for you... I keep meaning to take a bit of rub-n-buff to put on the silver screw so it does not stand out so much.  Don't you just love that shadow too?  It was late, and I was trying to make sure I got a close up for you...  

Doesn't this "fix" make you laugh to yourself?  If you wonder who does these things in their home?  Well, apparently we do... TGIF!!  So happy the weekend is upon us, have a wonderful Friday!

P.S. I found some awesome prices on switch plate and electrical socket covers to share with you. I was surprised!

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