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Monday, August 16, 2021

Fall dining room table decor ideas

Searching for fall dining room table decor ideas?  We are excited to share our fall dining room table décor.  

Speaking of fall... I added a few things to the dining room too.  If you recall the feather arrangement I made last weekend, I decided it was kind of lonely and needed something else.  

I have had this burlap runner for years... I love a good ruffle every now and then.  I already had it on the table, then I decided to layer another runner over the longer existing one.  

The newer runner needed a little something else so I layered the two together.  I liked the look, and you know the best part?  The runner came with placemats too.  

The second best thing?  If you spill anything on them, they are super easy to wash, just run them under the faucet and pat dry.  How awesome is that?  Having items in our home that make cleaning easier?  I am all about it.  

I love the woven ones we have, but when someone spills something on them, it is not the easiest to get food removed from.  I love that the woven ones keep their shape with the wire frame though too.  Pluses and minuses to everything in life... 

I guess you cannot have it all, but if you marry items together, you can sure try.  😉

I do like the illusion of having 2 table runners running the opposite direction of the large runner down the table.  

The secret?  Turn the placemats and push under the table runner so it looks like they go the full width of the table.  Works for me.

My layering soul loves it in the dining room too, layering everywhere!  If you recall layering in our living room... you know it is kind of my thing.  I think it could perhaps be another addiction of mine.  If you stick around, you just might learn all of my habits. 

I am loving our
vintage looking balls on our table for fall.  They may need to move back out to the mantel for winter, but for now, they will stay in our dining room.  

Do you change up your home for fall?  When the leaves begin to turn from green to those brilliant colors of red, yellow, and orange, then start to fall and flutter about the neighborhood... needing to be raked in large leaf piles... do you enjoy being a kid again and running through the pile?  

Our ornery kiddo loves to run at grandma's house through the leaves.  He just loves to run period, but through the leaves?  He especially loves that!  

One day while she was watching him, and he was a wee pup, she was sweeping up her patio...  what did he do?  Run over and bite onto her broom bristles.  She laughed and began running in circles with him, next thing she knows, he won't let go and is flying through the air.  

She said they had fun, in my head, I saw disaster.  Glad they toned it down before mom came home.  I do not know how I would have handled that situation seeing what I imagined in my mind... he sure does miss seeing his grandma everyday though.  Maybe one of these days life will get back to normal and he will be able to visit often again.  

When the cooler weather begins to make it's presence known is always a favorite of mine... you need to drag out those sweaters, jeans, and sweatshirts.  

Perhaps the flannel sheets come out of hiding... and your blankets are thrown about your home as well?  Blankets just may be another habit I have a hard time breaking.  I think they just bring a real coziness to a room.

I have always been a fan of the cooler weather.  Are you?  Do you love it when the mornings are brisk?  I love being outside when there are not as many folks out and about.  It is like my quiet time in my day. 

Well, I hope you enjoyed our fall decor for the table.  There will be more dining room ideas for fall coming soon for this room.  I am having a lot of fun changing up many items as the ideas tumble around my brain.  Have a wonderful week.

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