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Thursday, February 18, 2021

What I have in my online shopping cart

I thought it would be kind of fun to show you a few things I have in my shopping cart.  I do not know about you, but I have always been an online shopper (even before Covid), do you mean I can shop when I want, wear my p.j.'s, read reviews before I make a purchase, and take my good ole' time making a decision?  SIGN ME UP!

Now, I have always been a shopper, period... it is kind of in my DNA... my mom is a shopper and I loved going with her and looking at new things when I was growing up.  The only time I was not interested in going is when she would drag me to the greenhouse, which coincidently enough, I am not a gardener... black thumb for life!  So, I guess you can say that has filtered over to adulthood!  Interesting, I am sure some could delve deep into that statement and find some meaning in my life about it...

So, shopping...  If I could make a job out of shopping, I think I can most certainly say I would be the best at it!  I mean... budget?  No problem, I can work with a budget... looking for unique items?  Have you seen my house?  I have all sorts of unique around here, which you can find it here, here, and here!  

So here is a peek at my shopping cart because I have to feed my addiction some way.  I am gearing up for spring and I am ready to start making a few changes around the house.  I can feel it around the corner, or maybe I am hoping it is... jury is still out on that one. 

I have two of these in my cart.  I am planning to put them by our front steps on either side of our porch.  I've mentioned like a million times I have a black thumb so why not faux bushes?  My first thought was, hey, I do not have to worry about killing them, and then my next wonderful thought was, hey, I do not have to water or trim them!  Win, win, win in my book!


Aren't they fabulous? I am thinking I will put them in pots...  and I am thinking the pots above in black would be perfect for the bushes!  What do you think?  It has the cottage vibe!

Now, I am thinking I would like to go with this planter for the flower bed corner by our picture window (left side if you are facing our home).  If you would like to see the exterior of our home and read more about us, you can see it here.   


I love the curves of this planter and of course, it would not be complete without faux flowers in it!  I purchased these last year for my flower boxes I put on our porch and you would not believe all of the compliments I received on them!  They look real from a few feet away and from the street?  Neighbors wanted to know how I had real flowers out so early in the season!  I smiled and said well, you just never know what you will find around this ole' house... then I spilled the beans... I purchased yellow and orange for fall and threw them in with the fuchsia.  I will keep ordering these every year so I do not have to remember to water and take care of flowers... a gal has more to do in life than keep an eye on flowers all of the time!

I think we have all established I am a vintage lover so I am not hating this pot, I think it is adorable.  I am not sure where I would put it, oh wait!  I have been wanting a typewriter for the roll top desk... hmmm... I will have to think on this!  What do you think?  Cute?  Quirky?  Of course that is totally me!  

I have been on the search for lamps for our family room.  I cannot make a decision, maybe you all can help me decide!  I have been back and forth many times about what I want. I know I am searching for a tall lamp, to put off quite a bit of light, something that will be able to stay with any decor we choose... we are also on the hunt for a couch.  Decisions, decisions!  Ok, here goes nothing, what do you think?

See my dilemma?  That is all I have in my cart for now.  Does anyone else do this too?  I will add so many things, especially when I am trying to decide on something.  I once had over $5,000 in my cart of rugs!  I whittled it down and that is how I ended up with the cheetah rug in my dining room.  You can find it here.    

I like something about each lamp!   I am kind of liking the wicker lamp shades, looks very cottage... I like the fact I can plug in our phones and iPads with the ports, I love a good chunky lamp, I like the urns, and the script on the lampshades?  I like that too!  They are all pretty decent as far as prices go too... lamps are expensive!  My goodness!  I am looking forward to seeing what input you have for me!

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