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Thursday, January 14, 2021

Peanut's Happening's

We had to go back to work on Monday, so hard after being off 10 days!  This peanut got himself into a little trouble... on Monday I was on a team's call and he decided he wanted to lay under the desk while I was working.  At first he was chewing on a toy and then I heard him chewing on something a little different.  I looked under the desk and he was chewing on my curtains!  I said are you kidding me?  Good grief!  Apparently, he was ticked off we went back to work too and decided to let me know!  

When I caught him red handed, he had the end of the curtains between his paws and was just chewing away... I can tell you he is one smart peanut too... he pays attention to when I shift in the chair and stops whatever he is doing and looks up at me like I’m not doing anything, you can’t prove it!  I am an angel, hiding under your desk, yeah right!

I honestly cannot believe the level of intelligence he has. I’ve always thought all of my dogs were smart, but he takes the cake. He’s very sneaky! He is on high alert at all times, I tend to think that is the German Shepherd in him. I’ve never had a German Shepherd, but from what I’ve read, they are very protective. He is definitely that when it comes to me and follows my every move making sure he gets to where we are going before I do. He anticipates my every move and follows my movements to see which way I lean when we come to a path where I could go either way.

I may have ordered a few things when I was off and one of the deliveries made this week the person rang the doorbell.  Off he went, barking through the house just to make sure I knew someone was here.  He went all through the house barking.  When I finished what I was working on, I got up and walked to the top of the stairs, he came running and looked up at me barking... it was almost like, "Mom, I am not finished making sure the perimeter is clear, you better stay up there until I am sure there is no danger before you come downstairs."  I had to laugh, I told him I think we are fine and I got the package off the porch.  

His other shenanigans this week have included barking while on a team's call, wanting to play and not taking no for an answer... he just really wants his momma and peanut time... can't say I blame him when our world only revolved around him last week and then back to real life it was this week.  Poor baby, just cannot handle it!  

Here he is just chewing away on his Zogoflex not a care in the world... ahh, the life of a dog, he has a good life here and he doesn't even know it!  We wouldn't have him any other way, trying as he may be.  And just in case you were curious, we had a DNA test done, he is a Beagle - German Shepherd mix.  I plan to post about him and the DNA experience soon. He is the spoiled pooch around here.  💕  If you would like to know more about our peanut, you can read about him here.  

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