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Monday, June 21, 2021

Darn those Google Memories

Do you have Google Photos?  Ever wonder what memory they will bring to your attention next?  Some are good, others... well, read on to find out... 

Do you ever have those moments where you are cruising along in life, busy, fighting the good fight, trying to keep up, and then BAM!  Google photos sends you a memory and you stop dead in your tracks... and have a good cry? 

I think you all know I am a big dog lover.  I have had dogs my entire life, minus a few months where I was not sure I could be a dog mom again.  My last pup broke my heart when he passed... it was unexpected and I was a mess...

The first time Google sent me a memory about my baby Brody, I cried and cried...  it was like a dagger in my heart.  Mr. Vintage was like what the heck is going on and I showed him and he said oh... ohhh... ohhhhh... He understood.  He knows my pups are my kryptonite.  Below you can find the video that started the water works...

I was searching for a photo this weekend of a before and I saw my pup Brody and I got a bit misty eyed again this weekend.  He was with me for 15 years, that is a long time... it is longer than Mr. Vintage and I have been married, longer than I have lived in our home, longer than a lot of things for me in life... 

If you are a pet lover, then you know, you understand, they are so hard to let go of.  They sink those little claws into your heart, don't let go, and you are just putty in their little paws... at least that is the way it is for me.  I think I have sucker written across my forehead which is completely fine when it comes to my pups.  

We do not have children, so our pups are our children.  I can assure you that each and every one of my pups have been spoiled... as it should be.  They deserve to have the best life I can provide for them.  I cannot imagine my life without any of them.  Each has left their little footprint on my heart.

Brody and I were inseparable... I would take him on rides, go through the drive thru at Mickey D's and get him cheeseburgers, he loved french fries too.  He also loved his puppy ice cream that I always made sure I had on hand for him.  We shared the same birthday... I know hard to believe... but we were meant to be together, for sure, soul mates... 

He was there for me through thick and thin... and there was no question in my mind when he needed surgery that he would have it, no matter the cost.  He had to have a tumor removed from his belly that was the size of a football when he was 12.  I never thought we should hesitate on the surgery... he was the baby, you have to do everything for them!  

Initially MedVet missed the tumor, but then we had our vet send their x-rays and they located it.  He had to stay there for several days, and everyday I would visit him, no matter it was over an hour one way to get there, or what I else was going on in life.  Then when he came home, I worked out vacation time to spend with him.  He was not to be alone for the first two weeks after surgery.  He made it through and as you see, he did not let it slow him down any.

He was a big boy, weighing 112 pounds, not my biggest pup, but close to it.  He loved his toys and cuddled up with the soft ones.  He was quite ornery when he was a wee one.  He hated tags on anything, one evening I came home from work and found quite the mess... he decided the down comforter needed the tag removed... well, when he jumped back up on the bed, feathers flew everywhere.  Literally, we were picking up feathers for months!  You would find them in the most peculiar places and we would laugh every time a new one was found.

The baby gate fell over in the kitchen on day causing a small dent in the flooring... do you think he would leave that alone?  Nope, he chewed at it until he had chewed a hole in it which I found on another occasion after work.  He chewed carpet... he had some really destructive moments as a pup, but then he grew up and you could leave him alone and he would watch the house while we were gone.  

He would snuggle up in bed with you, either with his back right up against yours, or he would let you spoon him.  He loved to cuddle together.  As he got older, he appreciated his bed and would sleep soundly in it.  

He was a kind soul, never a defiant bone in his body. In fact, all you had to do was say AHH, and he would immediately stop what he was doing and cower like I'm so sorry mom, I did not mean to upset you.  One would think he had been beat the way he would cower, but I can assure you that never happened... he was just so worried about disappointing anyone.    

He loved water if you saw the video in this post, you can see that.  The soaker hose was his favorite since he could play with all of the little holes that sprouted water from them.  He would bite at the regular hose, and bath time?  Everyone would be wet because he had so much fun in the water.  He had a Little Tykes turtle that we would bathe him in.  He would also like to play in the turtle too when it had water inside of it, digging around like he was going to dig through his pool. So many great memories of my pup.    

I am thankful for the time we had together, I wish it would have been for forever, but nothing is in life.  I know he is in a better place, but wow, is it hard to accept.  Do you miss a pet and get these lovely Google memory reminders?  I embrace them for the most part, but there are days I am like seriously Google Photos?  Why today?  I get all misty eyed again, and then just remember the good times we had... 

Now you can see why it was so hard for me to take that plunge in getting a new pup, but our peanut wormed his defiant way into my heart... I am glad I did not shut the door to being a dog momma... it is a wonderful feeling to have.  Knowing you are making a difference in a pup's life because if they were not with you, who knows where they would have ended up.  

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