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Friday, June 11, 2021

A Bexley Cottage

Do you love searching the internet for home ideas?  Have you ever considered looking at Zillow to get the creative juices flowing?  I love to do this!

I did my favorite thing this week, house snooping in the Bexley, Ohio area again... do you know I can get lost looking at homes for hours?  Mr. Vintage asks me this question a lot: "Why do you look at homes when we are never moving?"  One, it is kind of my addiction.  I think we all have them, and this is mine... so just be glad it doesn't cost us anything... and two, how will you ever know what other homes look like if you never look?  I love getting ideas, I like to see what parts of an older home is still untouched, what the architecture looks like, and I also check out the landscaping for ideas too!  

All photos pertaining to this home are sourced from Zillow.  

This appears to be a cozy little cottage, but actually is nearly 3,000 square feet... all brick, love that.  Kind of interesting that the windows are recessed into the roof on the front.  I do not think I have ever seen this before on a home.  At first, I thought it was cedar shake shingles, but upon closer inspection found it was the roof.  It is kind of odd, but I do not feel it has a negative impact on the appeal of the home.   

The living room looks pretty spacious, I wonder if the window seat is original?  I am not a fan of a large television in the living room.  Now if you asked Mr. Vintage?  He would say the bigger the better... we do have a large television, but it is in our den and I am not fond of it in there either.  Really, I could do without it... is it just me, but don't you think they are kind of ugly?  When I am home alone, it is rare that the television is on.  If it is on, I can tell you I am watching a home improvement show.  Homes are just one thing I never seem to tire of.  

Cozy little kitchen... the island looks like a vintage desk, I like the simplicity of it.  I wonder if the other side has exposed shelves or has a solid panel like the sides?  I am hoping for a solid panel as you are entering the kitchen.  The listing indicates the kitchen is newly remodeled.  I had hoped for more character in the kitchen, but it is a nice, clean kitchen.  

Hardwood floors in the dining room, it looks cozy, something you are not seeing in this photo is the cabinets running along the left side of the room.  They match the kitchen area.  I had to do a double take, do you see the billiard table beside the dining room?  Hmm... I have no words for that.  One thing I do like about older homes are the arched entry ways from room to room.  

This right here, the fireplace is why I decided on showing you this home.  One, I am crushing on the wood mantel, and two, I am in love with that arch.  It screams 1920's, and guess what?  The home was built in 1928.  Most times, you see painted mantels, our mantel was painted when we moved here and so it will continue to be painted.  Ours has the dental molding, do you know I have never seen an unpainted dental molding in all of my house snooping days?  But this?  No way would I ever want to see this mantel painted!  Gorgeous!  

Looks like the owner of this home and I have something in common.  We like to display our antique and vintage finds and have a passion for days gone by.  I am wondering if this is considered a bedroom or really an office?  I do not think there was a closet in this room so that would clarify that question.  

This, I find interesting... it looks like you access one room to another through the closet.  I have seen this before in other homes and I have always wondered the reasoning behind this?  If anyone knows, please enlighten me, I am a curious one... and would love to know the answer to this question... 

Do you like the patio?  I really do, the antique fencing, the bushes around the front, I feel like you would have some privacy here which is important to us while just enjoying being at home outdoors in the evenings and on the weekends.  I cannot wait to show you the next reason I wanted to show you this home!

The chimney and small patio area!  Mr. Vintage and I have been discussing a similar set up you see here in our backyard.  We have even thought we may give it the old college try and do it ourselves - jury is still out on this idea.  Looks cozy... can you imagine sitting here with a hot chocolate early in the morning when it is still a bit chilly, or sipping a sweet tea... relaxing, reading a good book while soaking up some sunshine?  I can totally see us in this space, and peanut?  I think he would surely enjoy it as well.  Totally off topic, do you also wonder, like myself what the inside of the home behind this one looks like?  My curious nature is peaked!  

If you would like to see the entire listing, you can visit Zillow to see 2629 E. Broad St located in Bexley, Ohio.  This home has 4 bedrooms, and 5 baths, 2 1/2 car garage, and is 2,985 square feet which is on the smaller side for this area.  It can be yours for $749,000.  

I chuckle to myself since I sound like a realtor... I found through blogging, I have found my people, you!  The ones who are also curious about what homes look like and want to see the inside, see how people decorate, what unique things you may find in some older homes.  It's all so fascinating to me.  On my personal Facebook page, I have been sharing cottages in England and so many have asked what the inside of the homes look like.  I thought this was the perfect way to share the insides of homes and satisfy us curious ones out there.   

What do you think?  Did you enjoy the cottage today?  This is my fix for the day... Seriously though, that little patio would bring me a lot of joy.  Did you get any ideas flipping through the photos of this one?  This area is full of older homes with charm, and who couldn't use a little charm in their lives right now?  

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  1. What a beautiful cottage! I love so many aspects that I adore...especially the peek through closet. I love little features like that!

  2. I thought so too Kim. I love looking at cottages and getting new ideas for our home as we keep updating around here. That peek through closet was interesting, almost like a hidden room? I could handle that!