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Friday, June 4, 2021

A lovely home in Bexley, Ohio

Do you love looking at homes as much as I do?  I often search listings on Zillow to see how other homes are decorated and to get landscaping ideas.  

It has been a little while since we have taken a tour of a home... I thought Friday was the perfect day to peruse a lovely home located in Bexley, Ohio.  You know, as I have shared with you before, I love the older homes in this area.  They are quite spacious and seem to demand your attention... a stately way about them if you will...

This home is located at 17 N. Stanbery Avenue, all photos are sourced from Zillow.com

A home of this size just jumps out and says hey, look at me!  The grounds appear to be well manicured, I find it interesting how it appears the home sits back from the road, and yet there are steps to the far right.  From this view point, it almost looks like you will need to walk across quite a bit of yard before you get to the front door if you utilize the steps from the street.  It could be the hedge that makes the front appear this way too though. 

You know, I went back to look at the square footage of this home and was surprised to find it was only 4,831 sf.  For this area, that is on the small side, it appears much larger with the wings on either side!  Trust me, I am not saying a nearly 5,000 square foot is small by any stretch of the imagination, but this area tends to boast nearly 10,000 square feet and larger homes!  

I find the stone and sided exterior interesting.  Some find white bland, not me... white is refreshing in my opinion... the black shutters really set this home off too. Are you a fan of shutter dogs?  I find I am quite fond of them.  The ones on this home are a pretty standard design and are readily available online.  It almost looks as if the hedge has blocked off the front door, alert, do not enter... lol, me being funny.  There are those days when I wish I could keep people from being on our property... 

For some reason living in the city seems to invite unwanted visitors.  We had to put up gates on either side of our home to prevent people from cutting across our property from the street to the alley behind, how rude!  I would never consider walking on someone else's property!  We found this one winter when the snow fell, footprints all along our yard from back to front that were not our footprints.  Kind of unnerving when you wonder what character  was traipsing on your property and what they could possibly be doing.  There is an alley two homes down they can access. 

Did you see the bird nest on the left side of the front door?  I think I would have left the nest too.  Birds need homes too, and looks like they feel quite welcomed here... 

One would think these home owners are fun and light hearted... the frames on each side I found cute.  "Can I kick it" and then the other side says, "Yes you can."  

I do love a transom over the front door.  I am not always one who is fond of sidelights.  I do not like for someone to ring my bell and then if I walk by I feel that I have to answer the door when they see you.  Do you know we do not answer our front door unless we are expecting company.  The front door is for guests, the back door is for family.  

When I first started flipping through the photos of this home, I was quite surprised by some color choices.  It was very unexpected... more modern on the inside, proof you can never judge a book by it's cover.  

I think if this was my home, this would be my room, all of that natural light filtering through the windows... Sprawl out on the sofa and catch up on some good reading or sit back and watch the snow accumulate in the winter... the stone walls... I am thinking this is the area on the left side if you are facing this home from the street.  I wonder if at some point it was built in making the garage attached to the home, I would wonder if this was meant to be a breezeway.  

The home I grew up in had a breezeway and I loved sitting out there most all year.  We had a ceiling fan that would push the air around in the summer, you would not be exposed to bugs so no worries about bug bites... I recall sleeping out there in my sleeping bag as a child because I had wanted to go camping and this was my idea of camping.  I guess I was ahead of my time since glamping is so chic these days.  I did not want to give up my fan or the closeness of modern day luxuries, you know the bathroom... makes me chuckle thinking back on that now.

There are many dining areas in this home, but this one is my favorite.  I enjoy the simplicity of the table, and the 60's style wire chairs.  These rugs are my favorite to walk on too!  If you have tender feet, you may not appreciate them as much as I do.  I purchased a runner for our hallway very similar to this rug and Mr. Vintage complained it was too hard on his feet.  Meanwhile, me?  I loved it, it was like a massage every time I walked on it!  Some peanut chewed it up so it is no longer in our hallway, but I miss it!

We know kitchens have been on my brain lately... this one, I do not dislike.  It is quite lovely, very clean, straight lines.  I do like the tiled backsplash.  I also find it interesting the wire chair matches the dining area chairs.  I can see making dinner in this space and watching over the kiddos doing their homework.  A home of this size definitely needs children filling it!  Running amuck and keeping life interesting.  Let's throw in a dog or two too!  Peanut would love tearing this home up!  😉  He would especially loving sliding on the wood floors and rugs.  

What do you think about the paneled refrigerator?  I really do not have an opinion one way or another.  I used to think I would want a paneled fridge, but it is not something that is as important to me, is that me showing my age and saying ah, who cares?  I am not sure... I have gotten a bit lax in my older age... things that were once so important are not what I find important now...

Loving the leather Chesterfields, but the rest is a bit modern for my taste. I do love a well worn in couch like these are... I bet you would just sink in and never want to leave... lay by the fire, cuddle up with peanut... maybe watch a movie or read a book or two...

The laundry room?  Well, they have a clothes chute which I love!  I would be lost without ours!  I do not know how I feel about the clothes being deposited on the counter though.  Ours drop down into a laundry cart with wheels that I wheel over to the washer, making life a bit more easier for me.  If the door is closed, I can see laundry getting backed up and possibly stuck in the chute?  I am not sure... but it is a lovely, clean laundry room.  

Count me in when a dramatic staircase is involved.  I do love a good winding staircase.  The home that was next door to my childhood home had a winding staircase and I loved it.  I like the way they have displayed family photos along the way. I enjoy being able to showcase family photos in our home too. 

I do love a roomy shower.  Mr. Vintage has been trying to talk me into losing one of our bathtubs and having a large shower installed.  For me, I hate to get rid of an original feature of our home.  I am not sold on it yet, but in another 20 years or so when I have to wheel myself in and out I may want that shower... do you ever think about what your future needs may be?  

My grandmother is nearly 99 years old and she is needing to make adjustments in life.  We purchased this home because there was at least one bedroom on the first floor so we knew we could age out here...  call us strange thinking about those things when we were just beginning our lives together, but we are planners...

The only reason I decided to share this bedroom was because it looks to me siblings share this room.  I know some parents think life is jut easier to have separate rooms, but growing up, I shared a bedroom with my sister until I was 12 years old... then I moved upstairs and had the entire second floor to myself.  

I will say sharing a bedroom makes siblings get along, a confined space sharing with my sis... some days were wonderful, others not so much, but we learned how to share things... except my coloring books, lol.  I may have been a bit OCD and did not want her coloring in my books because she did not color within the lines!  Oh come on... you know that would bother you too!

Do you love the patio area as much as I do?  I hope to someday soon have a large patio where we can relax, peanut can run around and we can just be... so many expectations for this cottage... I hope we get to see them all come to fruition.  

Last but not least, look at the size of this garage!  This would be ideal, I would make one of the bays (or hope it was extra deep) a work shop area for me!  I would get to do all of the things I cannot do inside!  Painting, wood working, welding (something I hope to learn some day), can you tell I am not afraid of trying much?  I want to learn everything in life!  

This home could be yours for the price of $1,497,600!  There are 5 bedrooms and 5 baths (3 full, and 2 half), was built in 1939 and is on .41 acres.

What do you think?  I would love a brick wall all around our yard!  Low maintenance, never needing to replace a wood fence would be nice.  We have replaced one, I hope we do not need to replace another for 20 years or so.  It was one of the reasons we chose cedar for our fence.  This home has a lot of pluses, move in ready, all floors finished to boot...  If you would like to see more of this home, you can click the link to see 17 N Stanbery Avenue.  

Searching for similar lighting items for your home?  You can check out some lighting ideas I picked out, affiliate links included.  I do love the stained glass for me, but you may be interested in chrome, and then I threw in a caged light I think would be so cute in a kitchen.  Searching for more home tours, click to read: Zillow listing in BexleyAnother Tudor Homes for sale, and you can also see a home tour of Greg and Gina's home as well.

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