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Saturday, June 19, 2021

An Upper Arlington home tour

Looking to get ideas from older homes?  Oh good, me too!  We love sharing older homes with all of their details and how they are decorated.

All photos are sourced from Zillow.     

So a thing happened... when I was searching for the perfect house to share with you this week, can you believe I could not find one in my chosen area.  I could not find a home that got me excited in Bexley...  this has never happened!  I was so disappointed.  If I cannot get excited about a home, then how can I write about it and share it with you?   

Mr. Vintage said look in Dublin... I did, and you know what?  I could not find a home I was excited about there either.  They were all too new, all made over with new everything inside them.  Does no one keep old, original features anymore?  I was getting pretty disappointed and thinking I would need to expand my search.

So then he suggested Upper Arlington... and just when I was ready to give up, I found her, a beautiful 1926 home.  Older homes are my passion, the craftsmanship, details, built ins... it always gets my heart racing, I begin to remake a home in my mind just perusing pictures... it is my thing, it is what I do, and it makes my heart full.  Call me strange, but those little details you do not see in new homes make me smile, it brightens my day. 

Do you see the urns on the front porch?  I love them!  I wonder if they are an original feature cemented to the porch?  A gal can dream, can't she?  The steps leading up the front porch are the exact width of the stone surrounding the front door.  Such attention to detail went into these older homes.  

The stone woven into the brick around the front door is something that just grabs your attention.  How the front door with sidelights has a large presence that demands look at me, look at me... and the yard?  Are you seeing any grass?  No more mowing... who knew the no grass look could be so wonderful?  Okay, so the front yard does have some grass, but there is a lot without it too.

Look at all of that light coming in the front door. I'm not usually one fond of sidelights, but the grills, I’m enjoying that little extra detail. I do find it a little strange the air vent is right in the path of the front door, but I can over look it.  It does prevent you from being able to put a rug down in the entry, but to remedy that situation?  A large circular blue and white rug butted up right against that vent may help in camouflaging it which would draw your attention to the rug instead of the vent.    

Loads of natural light flooding this living room area.  Personally, I like curtains up to my windows so no one can see inside, especially after dark, but to each it's own.  I was excited to see there was original hard wood floors in the living room.  I wish that were the case in my own home.  

This looks like the perfect spot for the whole family to gather.  I enjoy a good leather lounge chair to relax in, the French doors look like they lead you to a screened in porch, again letting so much light filter through.  No wonder all of this wood does not appear to be too heavy for the room.  I would have those bookshelves filled with all sorts of vintage finds, including old books.

The kitchen is pretty spacious with plenty of storage, something our own home is lacking.  I would prefer cabinets going to the ceiling to prevent dust collecting atop the cabinets.  I like the floor, but have found I really like a brick floor in a kitchen.  I am unsure our floor could hold that weight, but I do love it in a kitchen.  

The storage even overflows into the breakfast area, a gal could get spoiled with all of this storage!  The refrigerator has the matching panels to blend in with the cabinets some people love this and others not so much.  Me?  I have no preference one way or another.  

Now this dining room gets me a little giddy... original details still in place.  These built in cabinets are so often torn out of older homes, and I can never understand why?  Personally, I love them!  They are always in the corner, take up little space, you can display all of your favorite blue and white dishes in the top, and enclose your blue and white baking dishes below in the lower area.  Can you tell I had a vision when I saw this dining room?  I see it as is, with blue and white accents abound.  I think that would be quite fitting for our pretty lady.  

Do you see the dental molding around the room and the chair rail?  I love the doors leading into the dining room!  Imagine slowly opening those doors Christmas morning to reveal the entire room decked out in holiday decorations, the table set with breakfast, all ready for the family to sit in their p.j.'s and just enjoy the morning together as a family.  I can envision it, can you?

What do you think about this little half bath?  You know, I am not hating the wallpaper... I think it adds a bit of whimsy to this home.  Sometimes we take life too seriously... and need to take a step back and have a little fun.  Since we have a smaller home, my whimsy seems to be in our closets... 😉

I love the window detail, and this sitting area before you go into the bath off the master bedroom?  I could get used to scouring homes online while looking out the window. 

Do you see that little door handle on the left?  I am curious... laundry chute?  Those sorts of details in older homes are what draw me in and get my imagination going.  Who built this home, who lived here in the past?  How did they decorate the home originally?  Me and my curious questions... 

What a nice sized bedroom, and more built in storage!  This home is not lacking in the storage department, that is for sure.  Wood flooring, do you see the small planks?  That is what we have upstairs in our own home.  There are those windows again, I have not seen this pattern before, but I do love it!  I did not notice it on the first floor though so I wonder if the windows there were all replaced?  

If you choose to take a look at this home, I will say I would change up the furniture placement in this room, you will also see this is not the only four poster bed in this home.  I can see a blue and white comforter on the bed with a maybe a furry rug (a little outside my comfort zone, but we are dreaming up the room, right?) under foot.  Growing up, I had wood floors in my bedroom and I never liked how cold they were when I first got out of bed!       

Adorable bedroom for littles!  Do you see those small triangle windows above the bedframes, not something you see everyday, is it?  The built in bookcases add such charm to this room, especially with the scallop detail.  Even the beds have storage!  I like the quilts on the bed and found the cutest dinosaur quilts I could envision in this room!  

Nice patio area and there is that screened in porch we wondered about.  We can tell the home has had some updates, but they did leave us some original details to drool over too which I found to be rather satisfying.  

Not a lot of grass in the backyard either, but that patio is where I would spend a lot of my time.  Maybe add a little chiminea for those cool mornings and evenings... wrap up in a blanket and just enjoy family time.  Many family dinners would be had here on this patio, such a pleasant atmosphere with peanut running about seeing what he could get into.    

I fell in love with the exterior of this home, it got my attention, and spoke to me.  This home has some interesting features, the triangle windows are not something you see everyday, two bedrooms have them.  I was happy to see some things had not changed since 1926, the exterior, and dining room were my favorites! 

You can find this home at 2286 Yorkshire Rd. Upper Arlington, OH 43221.  This home was built in 1926, has 5 bedrooms, 4 baths, is 4,361 square feet, and is listed for $1,650,000.

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  1. Beautiful! I love all the super charming details on this one. The builts ins, the triangle windows, the wallpaper and that little mystery handle are just super!! I love your finds!

    1. I love searching for homes to share, it is kind of my guilty pleasure...