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Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Best Solar Light for Yard

Searching for best solar lights for your yard?  We have the absolute best solar light for yards everywhere!  We love them!

solar lights after dark

The sun will come out tomorrow... but until then, we have solar lights tonight (yes, I sung that to myself)!  Oh my goodness, oh my goodness as Annie would say...  On Prime Day I was enchanted with a set of solar lights.  I have been searching high and low for the perfect solar lights.  I've read all of the reviews... and many reviews come up short, you know, lighting up the space they are intended, doing what they are supposed to... so disappointing, until NOW!

I decided since it was Prime Day, I took the plunge and purchased two sets of solar lights.  Now?  I wish I would have picked up MORE!!  These lights have exceeded my expectations all the way around!  

So first, the are well made.  Not plastic, but are made of a wrought iron, they are heavier than I was anticipating.  Second, the shade around the light?  It is made of glass, again not plastic which is what I usually find when looking at solar lights.  They come with a hanger you can attach to your fence, home, wall, whatever or wherever you want to attach them to.

When I first opened the box, I thought hmm.. ok, they are different than I was expecting.  A good different... I only opened one box since I was unsure I would like them.  I also decided to take them outside on my shepherd hooks since again, I was not sure I would like them.  Shipping was super fast, ordered one day, and here the next!

Mr. Vintage came home and saw them.  He asked if I read the directions... of course, my reply was no.  I mean why would I do that?  I hung them outside to absorb all of that lovely sun.  He said well, you do have to remove a tab.  I did not know that, but I guess that was because I was in a hurry to get them charging so I could see how they were going to perform.

Mr. Vintage screwed the glass part off, removed the tag, screwed it back on and hung them again.  Do you know by sunset, they were lighting up the yard?  These are the BRIGHTEST solar lights I have ever seen.  Trust me, we have tried many different solar lights over the years and I have always been disappointed in them.  I have envisioned a whole yard lit up at night, lights sprinkled all over our yard.  I have been searching for ones I could hang on the fence so we do not need to mow around them, or pull them on mow day and then put back in the ground.  These seemed like the perfect solution to that issue. 

I thought I was going to need to contact an electrician to see how we could have the driveway lit up, but guess what?  No need, these lights will do the trick.  Mr. Vintage does not want to put them up along the driveway just yet.  Our driveway opens up to the alley and he said it would be easy for someone to just walk down and take them.  We have been researching gates, but have come up short with someone who could install one.  If you know of someone, please share with us!  I have an idea of what I want and I would really like to make it ourselves.  Time will tell.  I need to get one big project finished before I take on another.

I am planning to keep these on the shepherd hooks for now, but I am so ordering more.  I do not want them to sell out before I have all of the ones I need for our yard.  Now to just figure out all the places they will be going and how many I will need.  

What do you think?  Are they the brightest solar lights you have seen?  I have been so pleasantly surprised with these darn lights... I have shared them with friends and family.  How many stars would I give them a 6/5, yep, that good, I would give them an extra star because they are perfect for our needs!  Do you know what?  I went back and purchased more... for the amount I need, I plan to keep going back and picking them up until I have all of the ones I want. 

I am so glad I took the plunge and picked these up.  For me, it really is the small things in life and these solar lights?  They really brought a smile to my face.  Do you also find that the small things in life are what make you happiest?  Me too... I really am a simple gal, who loves a lot of vintage flair sprinkled throughout our home.

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