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Saturday, December 12, 2020

The most photographed Lighthouse in the World

Wondering where the most photographed light house in the world is located?  Portland, Maine has the most photographed lighthouse, and boy is she a beauty!   

What is the most photographed lighthouse in the world you ask?  Portland Head Light is! It is located on the shores of Fort Williams Park in Cape Elizabeth, Maine right outside of Portland.  If you ever have the opportunity to travel to this area, I highly recommend it.  You will not be disappointed, I am sure of that. 

It is quite peaceful despite the highly traveled area.  You can have a seat and take it all in, watch the world pass you by...

There is a fenced area surrounding the shore, but you can get some really awesome pictures of the lighthouse.  It was so nice to just take it all in.  If we could have spent the entire day there, we would have.  We plan to go back some day soon and just plan an entire day for this location.  It is really that good, but most of all, we enjoyed the peace we found while walking along the shore taking in the scenery.  

I could not seem to stop taking photos that day, I know same content, but the feeling I had that day can simply only be described as content and refreshed.  It was the perfect day, the air was fresh, there was a nice breeze blowing in, the sound of the ocean lapping on the shore, the beauty of the rocks... Mr. Vintage and I were both in our element.     

I hope you enjoyed some of my most treasured photos today.  We enjoy occasionally  traveling and taking pictures of what we see.  These photos took me back, I could almost hear the ocean in my ears and feel the breeze on my skin...  It's amazing how our memories can take us back to a moment in time and the impact it has on our senses.  

And a shipwreck to boot...

We think about this vacation often knowing how much we enjoyed it and remembering the beauty surrounding us.  The landscape all around us with sailboats on the water, greenery, and the contrast of the rocks, cliffs, and then the serenity the ocean sometimes offers us.  I love the sound of the ocean lapping on the shore... the way the ocean demands our attention and drowns out the rest of the world... it is quite a peaceful feeling to let it just take over your senses.... shut your eyes and just feel...

I enjoyed seeing the architecture in older buildings and homes along this trip... during this vacation we traveled from Maine down the coast to Rhode Island, stopping anywhere we fancied.  We tried to cram as much as we could into one trip, despite the flat tire we got in Maine... we lost a day sitting in a garage waiting for it to be repaired... I can laugh now, but at the time, we were so disappointed to have lost that precious day.  Even through the frustration, of waiting and hoping it would be repaired soon, it just became a part of our trip... part of our memories... and it even makes me smile today thinking back while I share this with you. 

We looked at mansions in Newport, Rhode Island... picked up rocks along the shore there... I will have to put together a post of pictures we took while visiting that area.  Boston was too busy for us... did I mention I hate traffic?  I was just happy I was not driving!  Mr. Vintage and I loved Rhode Island most, we felt at home... and never wanted to leave.  Narragansett was our favorite area.  Well, I hope you enjoyed a little trip down memory lane with me today... happy Thursday!  

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  1. We've been to Newport and loved it. It was long before the kids were born. We actually stayed in Westerly, in a bed and breakfast which was very charming. The lighthouse is beautiful. We've never been although my niece was married on a small island off the coast of Portland and it was literally the best vacation we ever had...and we've traveled to a lot of lovely places. My niece loved the area so much that she recently bought a house there! Hopefully we can get back up there again soon and this time visit that charming lighthouse!!

  2. I understand why it was the best vacation Kim! We agree with you... I have looked at homes in the area... we liked it that much, but then reality set in. Both of our jobs are here... family... obligations... adulting stinks! I am glad you enjoyed Newport too! The mansions and all of that delicious architecture had me drooling... my first visit time visiting the area, we stayed at The Biltmore hotel, it was great! The next time, we stayed at a boutique hotel and I loved the scale, and quietness of the place, it was called The Break... ahhh... we loved it there. So quiet, and it was close to everything. We are looking forward to another trip there, hopefully soon...