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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

New Addition to the Dining Room

We have been cleaning out my husband's childhood home and look what came home with us last week!  

We will not get into how long ago, let's just say 20+ years ago my husband built this solid oak bench in shop class.  I love it!  He did not know at the age of 18 it would be in our dining room, he did not know we would have this cozy cottage where it fit just perfect with our table, and he did not know we would be married making a home together!  I sure am glad the stars aligned, everything fell into place, we ended up together, and this bench ended up in our dining room with this exact table.  It really is the small things in life... that end up being the big things that make a difference and matter. 

This piece adds seating to the kitchen since you can comfortably sit 3 people on the bench.  I moved 2 chairs to the basement to make room for it.  This table has another leaf we can add for the holidays if we need to so now we will have plenty of seating for gatherings.

As you can see, my little red truck got another make over.  I am always changing it up.  I've been thinking about micro lights on the interior for a little night light.  

In other news, I am working on a paint by numbers project.  I am hoping it will have a calming affect on me.  Ha!  Wow, I need my glasses for this, some of it is so tiny I can barley see it!  I will write a whole post on it when I finish (maybe 6 months from now lol) and show you what the end product looks like.  If you are interested in paint by numbers projects, check out Winnie's Picks.  I chose the Festive Birds, link included.  When I picked this one, I never thought there would be so much detail, wow, was I wrong!  It will keep me busy for a while though, so that is a plus.       

And here is another picture of our fabulous bench again!  I am so happy it made it to our dining room.  Mr. Vintage said he never thought the bench he made would be in our dining room, but I think it is growing on him.  What do you think?  Have you made something and wondered if it was good enough for others to see in your home?  Just do it!  

Home is really our sanctuary, especially these days, surround yourself with things you love.  Do not be afraid to try new things and if you want to try a craft, just try it.  

I have always wanted to paint, but I cannot draw to save my life, so I thought paint by numbers was for me.  I am actually finding it to be calming after work to do for a little while and then I am also getting some "me" time too.  I know I have never really taken enough time for myself, but I really need it.  So in 2021, I am going to do just that!  Good luck with your new year's resolutions.         

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