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Friday, January 15, 2021

When life gives you lemons, sometimes you grin and bare it

I would like to welcome our new comers this week!  So happy to have you here, welcome!  This might not be the best start for those of you new here, but I like to keep life real around here and hope you stick around.  I promise it will get better, ha!  

Remember my excitement about a new addition to the living room? Something I could work at? Well, my excitement was over taken by this mess in my living room... 

I felt like I could not post about it, but the more I thought about it, I realized, this is life and things happen. I’m not perfect and neither is my home and why not share the ups and downs, we’re all human! I do not think that is expressed enough in the blog world... so I am keeping my promise of keeping it real for you!

As I mentioned in another post, we are clearing out my husband’s childhood home. That includes two pinball machines he purchased many years ago. He had movers for these darlings... I cannot imagine he and I trying to move these things, they are monsters! Not that we have not moved plenty of things in the past sometimes resulting in a lot words, frustration, dropped items on feet, my head, and other various scenarios, but I was not about take on this heavy and expensive responsibility!

Our steps to the basement are kind of wonky... the stairs are 27 inches wide, lovely as this home is, the basement steps are a bunch of malarkey in my opinion. It’s quite challenging getting things that go in basements down them. You know, like washers, dryers, pinball machines... the list goes on...  I laughed when the mover told me they were 28 inches wide at the top, he did not find the humor when I laughed either.  

The movers did not want to try to remove the tops. Mr. Vintage is working it out and will call them back to be moved, I’m hoping for sooner, rather than later so I can feel like there is some semblance here again. 

I did get a few things cleaned up in the living room and removed the leg lamp.  I thought I would be able to get it put away before our vacation ended, but as you can see, it is still there!  

If you can see off to the left, the roll top desk is here!  I will show you closer pics when I have this mess cleared out and have it polished and styled.  I am really looking forward to it, and a space for just me to work?  I am so looking forward to that too!  

At least we have a little order in half of the living room if you avoid looking at all of this as you walk in the door, LOL.  Looking forward to getting back to normal.  

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