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Thursday, December 31, 2020

Before and After: The gate

I was shopping at my favorite place, Hope Timer of course when I came across these two twin size headboards.  They were $9.00 a piece!  I looked at them and automatically thought GATE!!

I picked them up and carried them around with me for a while trying to decide how I would go about making them into a gate.  My original thought was to have one headboard at the top of the gate and the other at the bottom of the gate turned upside down.

After hubby saw what I brought home with me, he mentioned that a certain peanut would not stay in our yard once the gate was in place and there were areas he could get out.  (Our plan is to totally enclose our backyard, but we are doing it in phases.)  That totally changed my plans.  

Mr. Vintage tends to think the whole project through, unlike myself who says, must turn headboards into gate, who cares how it happens, let's just make it happen!  The ideas are easy for me, but he says my ideas are not always as easily able to be carried out.  

Here is what the headboards looked like originally.  Again, I had no idea I would be writing a blog when I started this project so my pictures are not the best.  I did not plan to share my photos with anyone when I took this pic so please ignore the Menards bag of grass clippings.

My vision was not originally as this gate turned out, but I love it!   

Good thing Mr. Vintage knew how to make it happen.  We had left over cedar from when we replaced our fence two years ago so we decided to use the pickets from that.  Mr. Vintage also had left over cedar two-by-fours to build the frame with.  Then he cut the tops of the pickets off and we used screws to attach the boards to the frame.  

Once he had the frame built, we laid the headboards inside the frame and he screwed through the metal and attached it to the frame as well.  

My part was spray painting the headboards black, and using rub-in-buff on the detail.  I also helped in screwing the boards into the frame.  This is one HEAVY gate, but I doubt I ever see another like it and I love how it turned out and am very proud of our handy work.    

We completed the gate by having a small fence built beside it to completely enclose our yard on this side of our home.    

 Don't you just love that detail?  Since we had everything else on hand for this project, the gate cost $18.00 for the two headboards.  I love it when a plan comes together. 

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