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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Amazon Prime Day!

Are you an Amazon Prime member?  If so, are you aware it is Prime Day?  We have some picks for you that we love and are sharing our favorites today!

Amazon Prime Day

You know I am a big fan of Amazon.  One of my coworkers told me about the benefits of Amazon several years ago and it took me forever to make the decision to finally take the plunge.  When I finally did it, it was all over from that point on.  We watch movies, I get to see home improvement shows, and the two-day shipping?  Yes, please...  

I have Unlimited Kindle and get to read my fill of books!  Did you know you can get Unlimited Kindle by clicking the link above for free for 4 months?  I love free trials to see if I am actually going to like something or not!  I have never been disappointed in my subscription, I can assure you of that.  I read every night before I fall asleep!     

Did you know you can join with a Free 30 day trial, get all of the deals with Prime Day and then cancel if you decide to not keep it, not a bad deal if you ask me.  There are over two million deals available during this Prime Day period, and deals are only available for a short time or for as long as they last.  I've made some purchases, I know, imagine that! 

This paint by number is a great deal at $9.09!  And guess what?  It is a bird paint by numbers!  I am still working on mine, but it has been kind of hectic around here lately.  I will tell you I cannot wait to get back to it because it is so relaxing!  It would make a great Christmas present.  Am I the only one who buys Christmas now?  Yes, I do this and I am usually completely finished by October! 

Here is another awesome gift!  I purchased a sewing kit a few weeks ago and I love it!  It keeps everything in one place for me, and all of the different threads?  You cannot beat the price of $10.99!  Can you believe Mr. Vintage sewed his own pants with it?  Lol, he knows I am not a seamstress, for sure so he did it himself!  We have it stored in our bathroom cabinet we made over most recently.  

I purchased this large basket to store all of my magazines in.  Yes, can you believe I still buy magazines?  It was a guilty pleasure my mom had that I also adopted.  It is my time to take for myself when I need a "me" moment and I keep all of them. Oh yes, Mr. Vintage hates that, but I never know where I will get an idea from!

I did purchase this white comforter and I am excited to get it on the bed... you know I love that vintage pattern!  Other sizes and colors are also available.  It is on sale for $27.99 for the queen size!  What a steal for a queen size comforter and shams!  

You can find Kitchen Essentials like this lovely Nostalgia Microwave oven for 41% off!  I am in love with this, everything about it!  The color?  I am crushing on it!  Oh... I so want to buy it for our kitchen... too bad I am not going 50's retro in the kitchen though.     

Do you know my mom got us carbon monoxide detectors as a wedding gift?   It may seem like an odd gift, but it is something most people do not purchase.  You never think you will have an issue, and yet when you least expect it, it happens.  

I highly recommend this... mom recently had her alarm go off at the beginning of Covid.  She called the fire department, they came and tested the levels in her home.  She had to come stay with us, it took nearly three weeks for her to get someone there to repair it.  If it weren't for her detectors, she may not be here with us now.  You just never know.  They make great gifts for anyone at anytime.    

Since we are talking safety... how about a fire extinguisher to go with the carbon monoxide detector?  My place of employment made sure each employee received one recently.  It really is a good idea.  

The first weekend we had them, one of the gals I work with had to use it on a grease fire in her kitchen.  Who knew that was going to happen?  She stated she felt like it was meant to be since she knew how to use it and she would not have had one on hand otherwise.  

Searching for pet deals?  Amazon has so many things to offer any time, but especially right now.  Peanut gets spoiled with all sorts of things from Amazon on the regular.    

Ok, that is all I have for now, I wanted to make sure I shared some essentials with you that are a must have for us.  It is never too early to prepare for Christmas.  Guess what?  Christmas in July is right around the corner. Yes, Mr. Vintage and I start looking for Christmas decorations in July!  We take the holidays very seriously!  My coworkers groan at me when I start talking decorations and music in July, haha!  Good thing they are used to it.  Hope you have as much fun checking out their deals as I did!    

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