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Thursday, December 17, 2020

Zillow Listing

 If you have followed with me for very long, you know I love to look at Zillow and Realtor for inspiration of older homes and how they are decorated.  Below is a home that is for sale in Bexley, Ohio.  I love Tudor style homes!  Always so much character and charm.  

Look at this paneled entry way... I used to think I would always want wood/trim painted white, but this is a prime example of a home where wood should not be painted.  The simple arch of the door, be still my heart...  I love doors and pay close attention to them on homes.  I love original doors, in my opinion, the new ones do not have much character. 

When we purchased our home, I was dead set I would have diamond shaped windows installed, but the longer we lived here, the more I thought our home should keep it's original design on our windows.  These leaded glass windows on this home are absolutely beautiful!  More panels on the walls, just add furniture and this room would be quite cozy.  Can you imagine watching the snow falling outside while you snuggle up on the couch in front of the fire... seems idyllic to me.  

A sunporch?  Why yes, I do not mind at all...  I can visualize some large potted plants on either side of the sun room doors, at Christmas time they would be filled with poinsettias... (I can actually keep these alive.)  A settee with a coffee table in front of it facing out towards the yard, and chairs facing in towards the room.  A large sisal rug on the floor, but not so large the beautiful floor is covered up.  

A library?  I have always wanted a home with a library.  I love old books, and I really enjoy reading.  Yes, I enjoy perusing the internet, but decorating books?  I have many of them and I enjoy leafing through them in my spare time.  I also love to read classics like The Great Gatsby... I can see the shelves full of old books, a chaise lounge to the right, a Chesterfield sofa to curl up on with a large ivory blanket and a fire lit.  Maybe a nice area rug under the furniture to keep your toes toasty in the winter.   

A quite large bedroom, but I can see the fire blazing, a bed centered between the two eight panel doors.  I am hoping for his and her walk in closets behind those doors... a large, thick area rug under the sides of the bed so when you crawl out of bed you are not shocked to touch cold floors.  Maybe wingback chairs flanking the fireplace so you can set and read a good book before bed with an ottoman to prop your feet up on.  A loveseat across from the fireplace, velvet curtains covering the windows... an oil painting above the fireplace...  I can see it so clearly in my mind.  

Here is a photo of the other side of the bedroom, looks like all the pieces we chose for the bedroom would fit and it is looking promising to have those hers and his closets since the entry door to this room is on the other side of the room as seen here.    

Can someone please give me these doors?  We actually purchased two eight panel doors we are making a cabinet for our kitchen with.  I will show pics when it is completed, but it is taking us a while to figure this one out.  I wonder why the swinging doors were removed and stored in the basement?  I also like the fireplace screen.  

We have a swinging door in our kitchen and when we had a contractor here he mentioned removing it.  I spoke up very quickly and said no, that will not be happening.  It will be staying.  I love that door, even the squeak it makes every time it opens and closes.  It is a part of our home.   

I am assuming this is a hamper to catch clothes as they are sent down the clothes chute.  The home I grew up in had one that looked just like this.  I do not recall seeing any small doors to indicate there was a clothes chute in the home, but I am betting it does have at least one.  We have one in our home and it makes it very convenient to get dirty laundry downstairs.  Our laundry drops down into a laundry cart with wheels that I can roll over to the washer.      

And here is the backside of the home.  I like that there is a two car attached garage.  Love the gated driveway, we are working on getting one for our home, but finding someone to install it has proven difficult.  

You can find the listing on Zillow.  This home is for sale for $895,000.  It is 4,229 square feet, and has 5 beds and 5 baths and was built in 1928.  It does need some work, but has some really lovely features too.  Of course, this is not in our price range, but it is nice to look and get ideas, but most of all dream up how this home would look if you lived here.  😉

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