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Friday, January 29, 2021

Zillow Listing in Bexley, Ohio

 I thought it was high time for another Zillow share.  You love scouring over pictures of homes for sale?  Me too!  If you love to dream up how you would spend those lottery winnings, you came to the right place.  I quite enjoy redecorating these homes in my mind...

Today I found 2241 Dale Avenue, located in Bexley, Ohio.  It is a 5,980 square foot home with 7 bedrooms and 7 baths.  I think you will find this home has many surprises inside.

Looks quite stunning all lit up at night and the landscaping looks to be in top shape.  Can someone send the gardener to my house so we can recreate some of this here?  Or just a gardener who will keep the weeds out of my flower beds?

I am in love with the front door!  I wonder if it is original to this home?  This home was built in 1938, I love this time period.  I am not usually a fan of sidelights, but these have a unique feel to them.  

Do you not love the marble floors and the winding staircase?  I also notice the recessed wainscoting going up the staircase, details, it's all about them...  The chandelier is elegant, yet simple for an entry.  Are you getting excited to see what else this home has to offer?  Me too!

 This powder room is right off the foyer.  Can you believe the size?  Typically powder rooms are not this spacious.  Imagine a narrow mirror above the sink.  

Can you believe I found another home with an elevator?  No aging out of this home, which is something I find myself thinking about.  I wonder how many children have had fun going up and down driving their parents crazy? 

Directly across from the fireplace, I see a Chesterfield sofa and a set of leather club chairs across from one another to create a conversation area.  I get the feeling many great conversations would be had in this room, just a feeling I get. 😉 A chunky seagrass rug under the furniture to create texture and warmth in this room.  I see the shelves full of various books, spines facing out and all different colors.  The sofa full of cream pillows in different textures and a nice chunky blanket to curl up with on a winter afternoon reading one of those books we talked about.  

One the other side of the room, I would have another set of club chairs and an end table between them for another conversation area and a stained glass lamp on the end table.  I would have a large sofa table with another painting above it on the back wall. 

I would have fun with this room.  I see a painting of Peanut in a suit above the fireplace, maybe something like this:

I really want one of these with his face... the small things in life that made me smile and laugh...

In the dining room, imagine a large area rug under the large medallion and chandelier.  A large wood dining room table with maybe wrought iron legs that will seat 12 people.  Maybe a decorative mirror above the fireplace or an oil painting of flowers. I love the large dental molding around the room.  

I see a television above this fireplace and a large cream sectional sofa that would wrap around the right side of the room and have the other side out from the fireplace.  The shelves would be full of more books and board games.  We have been playing more board games since Covid and we have found it is quite fun.  Another area rug and a large French provincial coffee table so everyone can gather around the table to play games.  Bright colored throw pillows on the sofa... maybe a bright blue, or aqua...

On the other side of the room, I see a table with comfortable chairs surrounding it to paint or play games for those who do not want to sit on the floor.

A newer butler's pantry, but one none the less.  I will take it!  

I would use this as a breakfast room so the large dining room would not always need to be used.  Maybe a round breakfast table with French provincial chairs surrounding it.  Family black and white photos filling the walls...

I honestly do not think I would change anything in the kitchen other than the faucet.  The marble is kind of dark for me, but why remove it just because of color?  It would stay for me.  

Is that a dumb waiter I see to the right?  Be still my heart!  I would love to have one of these, no reason really, other than to send things from floor to floor for fun!  Loving all of the extra storage. I bet I would have enough glassware to fill these cabinets.  Yikes, I know! 

Have you noticed the hardwood floors throughout this home?  I love them!  I see the bed to the right wall facing out into the room.  A large antique armoire between the outside door and bathroom door.  A set of wingback chairs and a small end table in front of the windows.  A French provincial dresser beside the wall of windows with more black and white family photos above it. 

Do you not love that window above the bathtub?  I would not change anything in this bath either.

A gal could get used to a closet like this!  Can you imagine all of this space for your clothes?  Me neither!  And let me tell you, I could fill this up!  

Another lovely window in this bath and will you just look at that backsplash at the sink! I love it and the design is just perfect!  Do you also see the glass doorknob?  

Remember that bedroom with the door leading outside?  Second floor balcony!  Imagine sitting outside in the evening enjoying conversation with your significant other...  wrought iron chairs with padded seats, and a glass of wine (I think I would opt for grape juice) before bed... but I can see it all in my mind’s eye.... 

 A closet lined with cedar... I can handle that... loving all the storage this home has to offer!

A billiard room?  I think this could be great fun for a family.  And the floors?  I am not hating them... 

Another angle of the billiard room.

Another family room area, but maybe just chairs in this area instead of a sofa.  I am thinking something like an English gentleman's club.  Club chairs, large round coffee table to hold drinks, rich and dark in this room, playing cards with the fire lit...  yes, I think I could get used to this home.

Can you imagine how relaxing it would be to sit on this patio area listening to the water fountain... reading a book curled up in a chaise lounge... wrought iron furniture... maybe heaters to extend the use of the patio further into cooler weather...

I am in love with this 3 car garage!  And the wrought iron along the sides of the garage, yes please!  Loving the dormers above the garage doors, I wonder if there is a small apartment or storage on a second floor?  

Just think, this could be yours for 1,795,000... on .8 acres... maybe when I win that lottery you will be able to find me lounging on that patio and chasing Peanut around the lawn.  Hey, a gal can dream, if you are going to do it, you might as well dream BIG!  2241 Dale Avenue, Bexley, Ohio.

What do you think?  Could you get used to a home like this too?  I think I could settle in just fine, but only if that gardener comes too!  Have I mentioned I have a black thumb?  Yep, in deed a fact.  😏

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