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Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Organizing a medicine cabinet

Searching how to organize a medicine cabinet?  We are excited to share with you today how we organized our medicine cabinet.  

Are you someone who likes order in your home and know where to locate items quickly?  I love everything to be organized, but there are some days I do not know where to begin to accomplish what I want and can get overwhelmed pretty quickly.  

My best advice?  Start small.  As you know, I love to make everything look pretty.  I took all of hubby's things out including the shelves.  I disinfected and cleaned everything out including the shelves.  Then I thought about what needed to be in the cabinet and I adjusted the shelves to fit his needs.  

Of course, I had to start with getting rid of that oh hum background in the cabinet.  This is a really low-cost idea.  I always have scrapbook paper laying around here so I cut it to size and lined the back of the medicine cabinet with it.  

Then I moved the shelf brackets so I could adjust the shelves to what I thought would be best.  I put all of the tall items on the first shelf.  Then I thought about where his toothbrush needed to go and so I put a glass inside for him to house his toothbrush.  It can easily be taken out and ran through the dishwasher and changing out the glass when I do so.  I put the toothpaste next to the toothbrush and then one of his many colognes on the bottom shelf.  

It did not leave me with much space for another shelf, but then I thought about what he would also need when getting ready in the morning and it became evident the brush would want to be placed where it could be easily found and stored.  

Everything he needs for his morning routine is all in one place making getting ready in the morning a smooth routine and it looks fancy pants to boot.  💕    

How do you organize your cabinets?  Our older home has medicine cabinets in both bathrooms.  This one is tiny compared to the one upstairs.  

Need additional storage?  

I purchased these large magnetic storage containers from Ikea.  I placed small colognes in the canisters and stuck them to the back of the door on the medicine cabinet.  I also added a sweet note to brighten hubby's day, but I spared you the details of that.  

As a side note, you can also change out the paper weekly, monthly, whenever you need change. The reason I like to make everything look “pretty” is because it makes me smile and who doesn’t like to smile everyday? My home is my haven. 

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