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Thursday, January 21, 2021

A monkey in our midst

So, it would seem we have a monkey in our midst... this peanut is quite ornery and you will see just what I mean here shortly.  He has a mind of his own as you can see... 

The extra large crate was purchased since we thought we brought home a Labrador Mastiff mix with us.  As you can see, he does not really need all of this space, but it is his crate and we are not going to put him in a smaller crate since this is familiar to him.  

He literally walks along the top of the crate and his back hind legs when he feels he wants to pull something down or is just testing the waters, and let me tell you he tests the waters often...  

Hmmm... how can I get that moose up there down to my level???

He has been the most challenging pooch I have ever had, but we love him to pieces.  I am unsure what I would do without him now.  

We did have a DNA test completed with Wisdom Panel and found he is 50% Beagle, 25% German Shepherd, 12.5% White Shepherd, and 12.5% Chow Chow.  If you ever decide to have a DNA test completed on your dog, I can attest to the results, they hit the nail on the head with him.  The personality traits were to a tee.  It described him as being challenging, mind of his own, I was like check, check, and the more I read, check!  I was surprised!  

He is quite smart and quite sneaky... but he literally follows me around everywhere I go and will not leave my side.  When I actually go back to working on site in the office, I am not sure what will happen here.  I may come home to no home at all!  

As you can see he finally worked that moose all the way along the crate to where it finally ended up on the floor and let me tell you, he was quite proud of himself when it finally hit the floor.  If you would like to follow along with him, you can find his blog at Bentley's Picks.    

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