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Monday, January 4, 2021

Winter Décor

 Do you hate letting go of the Christmas decorations?  I am in the same boat... I like to keep decorations up as long as I can and why keep spending money on new decorations all of the time?  I like to stretch my dollar and my décor.  

When I am working on a new project, it is a process.  I may have one idea in my mind and it may turn out terribly so I have a lot of things on the table while I work.  It is a mess... but a creative one, LOL.  

I started with a regular thrift store vase, filled with diamond like pieces in the bottom.  As you know, I love sparkle... and it kind of reminds me of snow when the light hits the snow just right.  If you would like to see how I use the diamonds for spring décor, you can find it here.  

Here is an oversized ornament from Hobby Lobby.  I use these a lot in my regular décor.  Fancy Pants look on a low cost budget, just my style.  

I placed the ornament down in the vase and pushed it down in the "diamonds". While I thought this was a cute look, I felt like it needed something else.  I started looking around at my loot on the table and decided to use the cedar pieces I spoke of on another post from Target (I looked, but they must be sold out now, $5.00 for a bunch).  

I started placing the cedar branches into the "diamonds" and lining the back of the vase.  

I did not care for the ornament facing forward, so I turned it to the side and kept the cedar along the back of the vase.  

What do you think?  It is different than other arrangements I have put together and I am loving the "sparkling snow" surrounding the ornament.  We will see how long this one sticks around before I pull it a part and see what else I can come up with.  For zero dollars spent, not bad, I love reusing what I have around the house to make new décor for our home.  

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