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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Couch Cover Madness!

 I have never had a couch cover on any of my couches and here is exactly why...

They never stay in place!  The first week it was great, it did not move, but our peanut thinks he has to walk all over the loveseat and make it his own personal jungle gym!  

The couch is actually in pretty good shape, but I have always had a blanket on it once someone has decided to walk all over it everyday.  Also, since someone likes to eat blankets, I decided to try a cover.  The cover has actually worked with the Blanket Eating Bandit, but it doesn't always look the best when it will not stay in place.  

I also always have this peanut watching over my every move, making sure what I do around here is up to snuff.  He just cracks me up!  

I had this pool noodle for a project I did not start and decided to try my hand at using it to leverage the couch cover in place.  I will keep you posted how long this lasts, but below is what the couch looks like now.  

Looks better than it did, fingers crossed it stays in place and hopefully our peanut doesn't decide the cover is like a blanket... 

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