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Monday, December 14, 2020

High End Furniture at a Lower Cost

Do you love high end furniture?  I absolutely do!  I really started to pay attention and start doing research on furniture when I started following auctions. How else will you know if you are overpaying? Don’t get me wrong, I know what I like, but I also like to add quality, classic pieces to our home too. 

I would comb through online auctions reading descriptions and info offered about certain furniture makers, they really like to point out name brands on auctions, how else will they get individuals to bid up prices?  I started seeing a name brand called Henredon and started reading up about the company and brand on a whole.  It was founded in North Carolina and some say they are in the top five furniture makers in the world.

The piece above is a Henredon which I found on Craig's List for $100.00.  Sometimes you just have to be patient, be willing to look high and low for what you have in mind for your home, and take several hours searching... I knew when I saw the claw feet, I wanted this piece.  At the time, I did not know it was Henredon, we lucked out when we went to pick it up and I saw the marking on the bottom of the table.   

This chair is made by Century, we have a matching set on either side of our mantel.  I came across this by pure, dumb luck.  I found the chairs at a church charity store.  They were $25.00/piece and there was a matching ottoman for $5.99 which of course came home with me too.  We planned to have the chairs reupholstered, but then the fabric just grew on me.  I love the bits of teal in them which is where all of the accents in our living room came from.  

Be persistent, and it will pay off.  Who cares if you only have 2 chairs and an end table in your living room as I did for so long.  It all just kind of came together by accident, but I would not trade the pieces I have found for others.  Part of making a home, is the journey you go on in collecting the pieces.  Mr. Vintage and I have a story for each piece we have found.  Some are entertaining, others I was so happy when it was over, but remember it is about making a home for you and your family.  

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