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Monday, December 21, 2020

Our sleepy little neighborhood

 While everyone in our neighborhood was tucked in their beds, I am working from home through this pandemic. Some mornings I open the curtain early and other mornings it is later.  This particular morning, the snow seemed just right and the view of our little mountain seemed just perfect on this snowy, wintery, December morning.  I decided to take a picture of my view and tell you a little bit about our neighborhood and how we ended up here.  

We live in an older neighborhood where none of the homes look like another on the street. We are all different in appearance and so are our homes. Most of the folks living in this neighborhood are retired. Recently, some have decided to move to retirement communities and new neighbors have come along the way, but turn over here does not happen very often. 

Mr. Vintage and I have always loved this street. When we were on the look out for a home, every Sunday we would drive around and search out neighborhoods with homes for sale.  Every Sunday, we would drive down this street and say wouldn't it be great if a home went up for sale on this street?  Then we would move on and look at actual homes that were for sale.  

We toured so many homes.  When we would walk out, Mr. Vintage would say no for various reasons.  I would usually walk in and dream up what I thought the home should look like.  We found some older homes have distinct odors to them and I would shake my head at him behind the realtor's back right away.  He would just smile and we would say, it doesn't seem right. We were probably what some realtors would describe as a pain.  We kept up the hunt for our perfect home and I knew I would not stop until I found THE HOME for US.  

Mr. Vintage nearly had me convinced we needed to build.  We met with a builder, had plans, but it just did not seem right to me.  We put in an offer on land and our offer was passed by.  So, we had plans, no land... and then one day as I was opening my email, a home on "our" street was for sale.  I contacted the list agent and said I want to see this home.  I told Mr. Vintage I knew we were going to buy this home.  I was convinced it was right for us.  We toured the home, and then put in an offer.  It was in an estate since the owner had passed and we knew there was a lot of work here to be completed, but we both agreed there was a lot of potential here.  We went back and forth negotiating and finally, it was OURS!  The first day we had the keys, we began stripping wallpaper!  

Now, nearly eight years later, a lot has changed around here, but a lot has stayed the same.  Nicole Curtis was a real inspiration to me so I tried to keep original details.  We have had to update many things here, but I always try to keep the past in the forefront of my mind while making updates.

 Same light post as when we moved in, same curvy sidewalk, same wrought iron fence on either side of our yard.  Just painted and looking new again.  Thanks for taking a trip down memory lane with me and seeing a window view of our sleepy little neighborhood.   

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